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Exercises for lower-limb amputees

GTZ and International Committee of the Red Cross, Eds.: ICRC, (2008)

Gait Training

Exercices pour les Amputés des membres Inférieurs

GTZ and International Committee of the Red Cross, Eds.: ICRC, (2008)

Entraînement à la marche. Un excellent exercice pour les personnes amputées des membres inférieurs

Engaging Men in HIV and AIDS at the Service Delivery Level: A Manual for Service Providers

EngenderHealth/The ACQUIRE Project, (2008)

Designed for trainers of health workers, this manual offers skills-building sessions on developing more “male-friendly” health services. Utilizing participatory and experiential activities, the manual examines attitudinal and structural barriers that inhibit men from seeking HIV and AIDS services (both from the client and the provider perspectives), as well as strategies for overcoming such barriers. The manual is designed for all workers in a health care system—frontline staff, clinicians, and administrative, operational, and outreach workers.

Eliminación de las desigualdades en salud cada mujer y cada infante cuentan

Federación Internacional de Sociedades de la Cruz Roja y Media Luna Roja, (2011)

1. Salvar vidas, proteger los medios de sustento y apoyar la recuperación de desastres y crisis 2. Posibilitar una vida sana y segura 3. Promover la inclusión social y una cultura de no violencia y la paz

Disability Prevention and Rehabiliation in Primary Health Care

World Health Organization, (1995)

A guide for district health and rehabilitation managers. This guide contains recommendations for strengthening disability prevention and rehabilitation within primary health care services. It is addressed to rehabilitation and general health care personnel within district health services, in particular to the managers of those services

Disability Prevention and Rehabiliation

World Health Organization, (1996)

A guide for strengthening the basic nursing curriculum

Disability checklist for emergency response : general protection and inclusion principles of persons with disabilities/injuries

Handicap International, (2010)

Adapted from the 'Disability Task Force', this checklist provides useful guidelines about general protection and inclusion principles for people with disabilites or injuries in emergency situations. The following topics are highlighted: health, food and nutrition; water, sanitation and hygiene; protection; psychosocial support; reconstruction and shelter; livelihoods; and education. This checklist would be useful for practitioners interested in the protection and inclusion of people with disabilities in emergency situations

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