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Primary Care 101

Dept. of Health, Republic of South Africa, (2013)

Symptom-based integrated approach to the adult in primary care. Primary Care 101 is a comprehensive clinical practice guideline that aims to equip nurses and other clinicians to diagnose and manage common adult conditions at primary level. Tb; HIV; Asthma/COPD; cardiovascular disease; diabetes; Mental health conditions; Epilepsy; Musculoskeletal disorders; Women’s health

Developing a National Health Financing Strategy: A Reference Guide

Joseph Kutzin, Sophie Witter, Matthew Jowett et al., Eds.: World Health Organization (WHO), (2017)

Report on the status of major health risk factors for noncommunicable diseases: WHO African Region, 2015

World Health Organization; Africa Region, (2016)

The World Health Organization (WHO) Global Status Report on Noncommunicable Diseases 2010 projects that noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) will be responsible for over 44 million deaths during the next decade, representing an increase of about 15% since 2010. Most of these deaths will occur in the WHO regions of Africa, South-East Asia and the Eastern Mediterranean. In the African Region alone, NCDs will cause around 3.9 million deaths by 2020.

Teaching Cases in Medical Peace Work

Medical Peace Work, (2016)

Medical Peace Work is an emerging field of expertise in health work, violence prevention, and peace-building. These interactive cases will introduce you to some of the key concepts, opportunities and dilemmas in the peace health field. These audio-visual teaching case are intended to be used as the basis for group work and class discussion in both, formal and non-formal educational settings for health professionals and their students

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