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Helping Health Workers Learn

Werner, D. and B. Bower, Eds.: Hesperian Health Guides, (2012)

A book of methods, aids, and ideas for instructors at the village level An indispensable resource for health educators, this book provides hundreds of methods, aids, and learning strategies to make health education engaging and effective, encouraging community involvement through participatory education. You can download chapter by chapter free of charge The previous version (2005) is freely available here

CHW Central. A Global Resource for and about Community Health Workers

CHW Central, (2019)

CHW Central is an online community of practice that brings together program managers, experts, practitioners, researchers, and supporters of CHW programs. The website is a virtual meeting place to share resources and experiences and to discuss and develop questions and ideas on CHW programs and policy. This site is available to all, however to participate actively in the conversations you need to register for a free membership.

Green Climate Fund Proposal Toolkit 2017: Toolkit to develop a project proposal for the GCF

Fayolle, Virginie; Odianose, Serena, Eds.: Acclimatise, Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN), (2017)

The GCF aims to support developing countries in achieving a paradigm shift to low-emission and climate-resilient pathways. This is achieved by funding innovative and transformative lowemission (mitigation) and climate-resilient (adaptation) projects and programmes developed by the public and private sectors to contribute to the implementation of national climate change priorities in developing countries. While it is relatively easy to tell what a mitigation project or programme is (i.e. its contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and/or whether it increases the capacity of an ecosystem to absorb them), the blurred line between a general development project and an adaptation project has been a contentious issue in the international climate finance debate. The relevant question is not whether a project is (also) a development project, but whether the project contributes to adaptation (i.e. what the adaptation/additionality argument is).
This toolkit helps governments and project developers understand how to fulfil the Green Climate Fund’s requirements when developing a fully-fledged funding proposal.

Start Fund: Learning from disease outbreaks

Start Fund, (2018)

This learning report attempts to understand the drivers for, and barriers to, effective implementation as well as review the experiences of Start Fund members in responding to these outbreaks to support evidence-based decision-making within the Start Network at project, crisis, and system level. Specifically, it analyses the effectiveness, efficiency, and relevance of Start Fund disease outbreak responses by reviewing and analysing funding, decision-making and response activities before ultimately exploring implications and recommendations.

Plague: Knowledge resources for responders

World Health Organization WHO, (2017)

Decision-makers and frontline responders will find a set of resources on plague here. These resources can be used as refreshers for experienced personnel or as an introduction to the topic for everyone else. Most of the materials are available in English and French, and can be downloaded for offline use La version française de ce cours est disponible sur:

Peste: Ressources de connaissances pour les intervenants

World Health Organization WHO, (2017)

Les décideurs et les intervenants en première ligne trouveront ici les ressources sur la maladie à la peste. Ces ressources peuvent être utilisées en tant que rappels ou compléments de connaissances pour les travailleurs expérimentés ou en tant qu’introduction au sujet pour les autres. La plupart des ressources sont disponibles en anglais et en français et peuvent être téléchargées pour un usage sans connexion. The English version of this course is available at:

Global Health Learning Center (GHLC): Current Technical Information for Global Health Professionals

Global Health Learning Center, (2016)

The Global Health eLearning Center offers courses aimed at increasing knowledge in a variety of global health technical areas. A complete listing of courses is below. Individual courses are also part of certificate programs, listed to the left, as well as on the Certificate Program page. Courses that have been translated and can be found on the Translation page.

Training module on malaria elimination. Guide for Tutors

World Health Organization WHO, (2016)

This Training module on malaria elimination has been developed by WHO to support health professionals in planning, managing, monitoring and evaluating malaria elimination programmes. Supporting exercises: These files are necessary for participants to complete a number of exercises listed in the manual. Please go to the website:

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