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Support Tools Enabling Parents (STEP)

Liliane Foundation; Enablement, (2019)

The Liliane Foundation in collaboration with Enablement has been running a pilot focusing on children with neurodevelopmental disorders in 4 African countries called: Support Tools Enabling Parents (STEP). We can share details of the pilot including the evaluation report; report of a research project (with baseline and end line study); tools etc. Write an Email to:

Promouvoir l’accès à l’environnement bâti (Directives)

Christoffel-Blindenmission (CBM), (2010)

Ces directives sur « La Promotion de l’Accès à l’Environnement bâti » reflètent les normes et les recommandations internationales sur l’accessibilité dans l’environnement bâti et ont été élaborées pour aider la CBM, ses partenaires et autres agences intéressées par la création d’un environnement entièrement accessible.

Disabled village children. 2nd edition

Werner, D., Eds.: Hesperian , (2018)

A guide for community health workers, rehabilitation workers, and families. This manual covers identifying primary and secondary disabilities, developing skills for daily living, and working through behavior problems. The new 2018 edition features new topics, including mental and developmental disabilities, microcephaly and Zika, causes of birth defects and childhood disability, epilepsy and seizures, hearing loss and vision problems, HIV, leprosy, and more, and has updated information on polio, cerebral palsy, juvenile arthritis, muscular dystrophy, and medications. Readers will find instructions on how to build six different wheelchairs using local resources; useful therapy techniques, such as making fun and educational toys; ideas for improving playground accessibility for all children; and low-cost rehabilitation aids and adaptations for home and community. You can download chapter 4 for free. The complete book is available at Hesperian Book STore

Rehabilitation 2030: A Call for Action

World Health Organization WHO, (2018)

There is a substantial and ever-increasing unmet need for rehabilitation worldwide, which is particularly profound in low- and middle -income countries. The availability of accessible and affordable rehabilitation is necessary for many people with health conditions to remain as independent as possible, to participate in education, to be economically productive, and fulfil meaningful life roles.

Assistance to Victims of Landmines and Explosive Remnants of War: Guidance on Child-focused Victim Assistance. Chapter 1-4

UN Children's Fund UNICEF, (2014)

This document is one of eight PDF documents that comprise the Guidance on Child-focused Victim Assistance. All are available in PDF at . The full document is also available. This first section contains the Acknowledgements, Foreword, Acronyms and Chapters 1 through 4: Chapter 1. Introduction: The Need for Child-focused Victim Assistance Guidance; Chapter 2. Mine Action, UNICEF and Guidance on Child Victim Assistance ;Chapter 3. Victim Assistance: Stakeholders and International Standards; Chapter 4. Principles, Coordination and Cross-cutting Aspects of Victim Assistance

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