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Health Systems in Action: An eHandbook for Leaders and Managers - CHAPTER 8 - Managing Medicines And Health Products

Malcolm Clark; Andy Barraclough, Eds.: Management Sciences for Health, (2010)

Full eHandbook under: Effective supply management has the potential to make a powerful contribution to the reliable availability of essential medicines, which are a crucial part of the delivery of highquality health care services. Because medicines are costly and poor management so often results in waste, good supply management is also crucial to the cost-effectiveness of providing medicines.

La gestion sécurisée des déchets médicaux (Déchets d’activités de soins). Résumée

Organisation mondiale de la Santé (OMS), (2017)

Les déchets générés par les activités de soins de santé, depuis les aiguilles infectées jusqu'aux isotopes radioactifs, peuvent être source d'infection ou de blessures et leur gestion inadéquate peut avoir des conséquences sérieuses pour la santé publique et des effets délétères sur l'environnement.
Ce document souligne les aspects clés de la gestion sécurisée des déchets médicaux afin de guider les décideurs politiques, les praticiens et les gestionnaires des centres afin d’améliorer ces services dans les établissements de santé.

Waste Disposal Form

Ecumenical Pharmaceutical Network (EPN), (2011)

Last revised 2015. Original Word document on:

A Training Manual On Rational Use of Medicines: Remove and dispose of your unwanted Medicines the safe way

Community Development Medicinal Unit , (2012)

Proper management of health care becomes very important in our state where the health budget is very less. This poses a unique challenge to the Department of Health and other Non-Governmental Organizations to make cost-effective health care accessible to all inhabitants of the state. Medicines are essential component of health. Market is now flooded with newer drugs which have little evidence regarding comparative efficacy and safety. Essential Drugs are the medicines which are used for majority of the people in a given geographical region, which are also cost effective. CDMU, Odisha is dedicated to meet this challenge. This manual is meant for health providers at the Primary level, and Experts in the spheres of medical and Pharmaceutical practice. NGOs, health workers and general public will get a lot of information from this manual on medicines and other health related issues which will help them to take correct decision.

Health Care Waste

Jeff Conant and Pam Fadem , Eds.: Hesperian, (2012)

A Community Guide to Environmental Health > Chapter 19: Health Care Waste. Please download this chapter from the website of Hesperian

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