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Basic Tests for Drugs - Pharmaceutical substances, medicinal plant materials and dosage forms

World Health Organization, (1998)

This manual has been designed to be used in conjunction with two earlier WHO publications, "Basic tests for pharmaceutical substances" (1986) and "Basic tests for pharmaceutical dosage forms" (1991). Most of the pharmaceutical substances and dosage forms covered are included in the WHO Model List of Essential Drugs. The present volume describes procedures for testing a further 23 pharmaceutical substances and 58 pharmaceutical dosage forms and also for testing 4 medicinal plant materials.

Basic radiation protection

World Health Organization, (2004)

How to achieve ALARA: working tips and guidelines

Atlas of medical helminthology and protozoology

P.L. Chiodini; A.H. Moody; DW Manser, Eds.: Churchill Livingstone, (2001)

Please Download from the website. Large file: 20.6 MB!!

A Training Manual On Rational Use of Medicines: Remove and dispose of your unwanted Medicines the safe way

Community Development Medicinal Unit , (2012)

Proper management of health care becomes very important in our state where the health budget is very less. This poses a unique challenge to the Department of Health and other Non-Governmental Organizations to make cost-effective health care accessible to all inhabitants of the state. Medicines are essential component of health. Market is now flooded with newer drugs which have little evidence regarding comparative efficacy and safety. Essential Drugs are the medicines which are used for majority of the people in a given geographical region, which are also cost effective. CDMU, Odisha is dedicated to meet this challenge. This manual is meant for health providers at the Primary level, and Experts in the spheres of medical and Pharmaceutical practice. NGOs, health workers and general public will get a lot of information from this manual on medicines and other health related issues which will help them to take correct decision.

a model quality assurance system for procurement agencies

World Health Organization, Eds.: World Health Organization, United Nations Children's Fund, United Nations Development Programme, United Nations Populations Fund, World Bank, (2007)

This interagency report provides recommendations for assuring quality of medicines during key activities of country-level procurement agencies, namely prequalification of pharmaceutical products and manufacturers; purchase of pharmaceutical products; storage of pharmaceutical products; and distribution of pharmaceutical products.

Laboratory Testing for the Diagnosis of HIV Infection: Updated Recommendations

Bernard M. Branson, S. Michele Owen, Laura G. Wesolowski et, Eds.: Centers for Disease control and Prevention, (2014)

This document updates recommendations for HIV testing by laboratories in the United States and offers approaches for reporting test results to persons ordering HIV tests and to public health authorities. The recommended algorithm is a sequence of tests used in combination to improve the accuracy of the laboratory diagnosis of HIV based on testing of serum or plasma specimens. The updated recommendations also include tests for HIV antigens and HIV nucleic acid because studies from populations at high risk for HIV demonstrate that antibody testing alone might miss a considerable percentage of HIV infections detectable by virologic tests

Video: Administration of Parenteral antibiotics/XADIGA QAADASHADADA DURIDA JEERMIS DILAHA

Medical Aid FIlms, (2014)

Somali version of Administration of Parenteral antibiotics Xanuunka inta uurka lagu jiro iyo gaar ahaan dhalmada ka danbaysa ama dhicisku waa arrinta muhuumka ah ee sababta xadiga jirada iyo dhimashada. Filimkan wuxuu muujinayaa maareeynta isticmaalka wanaagsan ee duraha jeermis dilaha ee loogu talogalay shaqaalaha caafimaadka iyo sida cad ee uu u xoojin lahaa lixda saxda ah ee maareeynta daawada. Translation thanks to Aidarus Khalif and Fouzia Ismail and Abdirahman Dahir Aden at the Somaliland Nursing and midwifery Association (SLNMA). Video also available in English, French and Swahili at:

Health Care Waste

Jeff Conant and Pam Fadem , Eds.: Hesperian, (2012)

A Community Guide to Environmental Health > Chapter 19: Health Care Waste. Please download this chapter from the website of Hesperian

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