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Malaria rapid diagnostic test performance. Results of WHO product testing of malaria RDTs round 8 (2016-2018). Summary

World Health Organization WHO; FIND; CDC, (2018)

This report, published in conjunction with a summary overview of results of rounds 1–8, is the eighth and final report in a series of laboratory-based evaluations of rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) for malaria. It provides a comparative measure of their performance in a standardized way to distinguish between well and poorly performing tests. These results constitute the laboratory evaluation component of the WHO prequalification process for malaria RDTs and inform the current WHO procurement recommendations. In round 8, 35 RDTs from 17 manufacturers were assessed. For the first time the evaluation included an assessment of product performance against a panel of P. falciparum parasites with pfhrp2/3 gene deletions and therefore not expressing HRP2.

How to use a G6PD rapid diagnostic test (for detecting glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency): A guide for training at health facility level

World Health Organization WHO, (2018)

The purpose of this manual is to train health workers to use G6PD rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) safely and effectively, so as to inform appropriate decision making for P. vivax radical cure. This manual should be used with the accompanying job aid. The job aid is a set of step-by-step instructions about how to use a G6PD RDT. It contains both words and pictures.

Guide to G6PD deficiency rapid diagnostic testing to support P. vivax radical cure

World Health Organization WHO, (2018)

This user guide is designed to provide national malaria control programmes with general information on glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency. Individuals with this condition may be at risk of adverse effects from medicines commonly used to cure Plasmodium vivax malaria, as well as from other medicines and substances.

Recommended selection criteria for procurement of malaria rapid diagnostic tests

World Health Organization WHO, (2018)

This WHO information note provides an updated list of recommended criteria for selecting RDTs for malaria, and highlights the performance of RDTs evaluated by the WHO malaria RDT product testing programme. It also provides an overview of additional considerations in the procurement of rapid tests.

Training Manual on Diagnosis of Intestinal Parasites

WHO, (1998)

based on the WHO Bench Aids for the diagnosis of intestinal parasites; Tutor’s Guide: perform specific laboratory techniques; identify intestinal parasites by genus and species; quantify helminth eggs in faeces by Kato-Katz procedure.

Malaria microscopy quality assurance manual – Ver. 2

World Health Organization WHO, (2016)

This manual is designed primarily to assist managers of national malaria programmes and national reference laboratory responsible for quality assurance of malaria microscopy control. The information is also applicable to non-governmental organizations and funding agencies investing in quality management systems for malaria microscopy.

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