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Refugees Welcome Survey 2016: Views of Citizens Across 27 Countries

Caroline Holme and Marie Prudhomme, Eds.: Topline Report from GlobeScan, (2016)

The vast majority of people (80%) would welcome refugees with open arms, with many even prepared to take them into their own homes, according to a global survey commissioned by Amnesty International

Attacks on Health Care. Prevent - Protect-Provide

World Health Organization WHO, (2016)

Currently there is no publicly available source of consolidated information on attacks on health care in emergencies. This report is a first attempt to consolidate and analyse the data that is available from open sources. While the data are not comprehensive, the findings shed light on the severity and frequency of the problem.

Refugee/Migrant crisis in Europe: Scenarios

MapAction; Assessement Capacities Projekt; Start Network, (2016)

Possible developments in transit countries over the next 6 months, 24 March 2016

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