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No Way Out? Making Additional Migration Channels Work for Refugees

Migration Policy Institute, (2016)

This report explains how governments, international organizations, and other actors can support refugees’ paths to self-sufficiency and stability by ensuring the accessibility of existing opportunities as well as creating new ones.

Unfairy Tales

#actofhumanity, Eds.: UNICEF, (2016)

UNICEF launched a series of animated films to help frame positive perceptions towards the tens of millions of children and young people on the move globally. Unfairy Tales, the three animations – true stories of the flight of children from conflict – explain the horror behind why they fled. They have been animated in the style of a fairy tale and will be supported by an interactive e-book experience also called Unfairy Tales. DOWNLOADING ASSETS FROM THE UNICEF WESHARE SITE CONSTITUTES AGREEMENT WITH THE UNICEF COPYRIGHT NOTICE.

Migrants and refugees have rights!

Caritas, (2016)

Impact of EU policies on accessing protection. The report highlights the tragedy hundreds of thousands of people face when seeking protection in Europe. Women, men and children escaping war, repression and violation of human rights often turn to Europe in the hope of finding a safe haven. But many are instead confronted with bureaucratic hurdles, denial of protection and inconsistent reception standards across Europe.

Childhood Under Siege

Save the Children, (2016)

Living and Dying in Besieged Areas of Syria

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