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Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Academy

Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) Association, (2018)

Welcome to the SDG Academy! The SDG Academy creates and curates free, graduate-level courses on sustainable development for students around the world. From sustainable cities to human rights to climate action, each of our courses addresses the fundamental challenge facing our world today: How do people, communities, governments and companies not only coexist, but also cooperate and collaborate, to save the one planet we have? As a massive open online education platform, SDG Academy's courses are fully interactive, so you can meet, debate and learn from both our global faculty of sustainable development experts and your fellow students. Learn more here about the SDG Academy – an initiative of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network – and the SDG Academy student experience.

Global Health Learning Center (GHLC): Current Technical Information for Global Health Professionals

Global Health Learning Center, (2016)

The Global Health eLearning Center offers courses aimed at increasing knowledge in a variety of global health technical areas. A complete listing of courses is below. Individual courses are also part of certificate programs, listed to the left, as well as on the Certificate Program page. Courses that have been translated and can be found on the Translation page.

Peoples-uni Open Online Courses

Peoples-uni, (2016)

Open Online Courses include topics in Global Health, are short and designed for self-study. They are available free and can be accessed by anyone. Most offer a certificate. The course topics are: Climate Change; Public Health; Refugee Health; Diseases in Developing Countries; Basic Epidemiology, etc.

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