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Contingency Plan. Nepal: Earthquake

Humanitarian Country Team (HCT), Nepal, (2016)

In April and May 2015, Nepal was hit by two major earthquakes killing around 9,000 people and leaving many thousands more injured and homeless.
To optimize the speed and volume of critical humanitarian assistance, the HCT has developed this Plan to:
1. Reach a common understanding of earthquake risk to ensure early action is taken when required.
2. Establish a minimum level of earthquake preparedness across clusters.
3. Build the basis for a joint HCT response strategy to meet the needs of affected people in the first 6 weeks to 3 months of a response.
4. Define considerations for detailed contingency planning on the basis of the worst-case scenario, especially around access and logistics.

Review report on the Local Health Facility Operation & Management Committee (HFOMC) meeting. Workshop Guideline. (Nepali Version).

Ministry of Health and Population, Health service Department., Eds.: Government of Nepal, (2010)

-Operations Directory -Year 2010 (2067 Nepalese) -By the Government of Nepal, Ministry of population and Health, Health service department, National health training centre. Location: Teku, Kathmandu.

Guideline for Grant to community health organisation_Nepali Version

Ministry of Health and Population, Nepal, (2009)

Guideline on how to get a grant for a community health organisation. -by the Nepal Government, Ministry of Health and Population. created in year 2009 (2066- Nepali). Location: Ramshahpath, Kathmandu.

Nepal: Leprosy Guideline 2070 (Nepali Version)

Government of Nepal Ministry of Health Department of Health Services Leprosy Control Division, (2013)

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