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Cochlear implants for children. Guidance book (Nepali Version)

PRAN Nepal, Eds.: Hesperian, (2010)

Helping Children Who Are Deaf, translated by PRAN-Nepal,Appendix B

Hearing Aids for children Guidance book (Nepali Version)

Pran Nepal, Eds.: Hesperian, (2010)

Helping Children Who are Deaf Book. Appendix A.

Guideline for Grant to community health organisation_Nepali Version

Ministry of Health and Population, Nepal, (2009)

Guideline on how to get a grant for a community health organisation. -by the Nepal Government, Ministry of Health and Population. created in year 2009 (2066- Nepali). Location: Ramshahpath, Kathmandu.

Nepal: Community Based DOTS Program: CB - DOTS, Nepali Version 2073

Government of Nepal Ministry of Health and Population Department of Health Services, National Tuberculosis Center, (2016)

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