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Notfallhilfe im Krankenhaus für Menschen ohne Papiere

Diakonie Deutschland, (2019)

Die vorliegende Broschüre stellt zunächst die gesetzlichen Rahmenbedingungen dar und gibt anhand einiger Fallbeispiele einen Einblick in die damit verbundenen Probleme bei der praktischen Umsetzung gesundheitlicher Notfallhilfe im Krankenhaus. Abschließend werden fachpolitische Empfehlungen gegeben, wie der Zugang zur Notfallhilfe im Krankenhaus für Menschen ohne Papiere besser geregelt werden könnte.

The 2019 Global Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI)

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI) , (2019)

This year’s MPI results show that more than two-thirds of the multidimensionally poor—886 millionpeople—live in middle-income countries. A further 440 million live in low-income countries. In both groups, data show, simple national averagescan hide enormous inequality inpatterns of povertywithin countries. For instance, in Uganda 55 percentof the population experience multidimensional poverty—similartotheaverage in Sub-Saharan Africa. But Kampala, the capital city, has an MPI rate of sixpercent, whileinthe Karamojaregion, the MPI soars to 96 percent—meaningthat partsof Ugandaspan the extremes of Sub-Saharan Africa.There is even inequality under the same roof. In South Asia, for example, almost a quarter ofchildren under five live in households where at least one child in the household is malnourished but at least one child is not. There is also inequality among the poor. Findings of the2019 global MPI paint a detailed picture of the many differences in how-and how deeply -people experience poverty. Deprivationsamong the poor varyenormously: in general, higher MPI valuesgo hand in hand with greater variationin the intensity of poverty. Results also show that children suffer poverty more intensely than adults and are more likely to be deprived in all 10 of the MPI indicators, lackingessentialssuch as clean water, sanitation, adequate nutrition or primary education

Health as a Bridge to Peace: Active Learning Package

Eds.: World Health Organization, (1999)

The Active Learning Package is designed to provide methodology, substantive support and practical instruction for the training of health personnel in Health as Bridge for Peace issues.

Leitfaden für sozialverträgliche Verwertung: Forschungsergebnisse für möglichst viele Menschen nutzbar machen

Eds.: BUKO Pharma-Kampagne/Gesundheit und Dritte Welt e.V., (2018)

Diese Broschüre möchte dazu beitragen, dass möglichst viele Menschen die Ergebnisse öffentlich finanzierter Forschung nutzen können.

Gap analysis: which diseases have treatments on the market or promise in the pipeline?

Access to Medicine Foundation, (2018)

When pharmaceutical companies take action to improve access to medicine, it has the largest impact on their own products. The Access to Medicine Index has identified which products those are – as well as future products still in development – for 20 of the world’s largest research-based pharmaceutical companies

Domestic violence: The Health-worker’s Role in Identification & Response

Medical Peace Work, (2019)

Teaching Cases in Medical Peace Work. Medical Peace Work is an emerging field of expertise in health work, violence prevention, and peace-building. These interactive cases will introduce you to some of the key concepts, opportunities and dilemmas in the peace health field. This audiovisual case is related to domestic violence. Contents of this case study: Introduction & prevalence, Risk groups, signs & symptoms, Issues around disclosure, Danger assessment, Safety planning, Referral pathways, Summing up.

Ethical Challenges in Short-Term Global Health Training

Eds.: Stanford University Center for Global Health and the Johns Hopkins University Berman Institute of Bioethics, (2019)

This course consists of a series of ten cases to introduce trainees and others involved in global health research and service to ethical issues that may arise during short-term training experiences abroad.

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