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National nutrition and health survey (NNHS) 2015

US Aid, UK Aid, UNICEF, (2015)

Report on the nutrition and health situation of Nigeria
Data collection – 13th July to 13th September 2015

Improving Estimates of Insecticide-Treated Mosquito Net Coverage from Household Surveys: Using Geographic Coordinates to Account for Endemicity and Seasonality

Burgert, Clara R., Sarah E.K. Bradley, Erin Eckert, and Fred Arnold., (2012)

DHS ANALYTICAL STUDIES 32 - This report examines the possible bias in national estimates of standard Roll Back Malaria (RBM) indicators of insecticide-treated mosquito net (ITN) ownership and use. The analysis uses GPS data for 18 sub-Saharan African countries to correlate these measures with levels of malaria endemicity and seasonality and to recalculate coverage estimates based on the population at risk. The report proposes an approach to identifying populations at risk of malaria that countries could use to produce subnational estimates that account for variations in malaria endemicity or seasonality.

Trends in Reproductive Behavior in Nigeria, 2003-2013

Westoff, Charles F., and Clara Ladi Ejembi, Eds.: ICF International, (2016)

DHS Further Analysis Reports No. 101

Trends in Child Health in Nigeria, 2003– 2013

Winter, Rebecca, Akinlo, Ambrose, and Lia Florey, Eds.: ICF International, (2016)

DHS Further Analysis Reports No. 103

Trends in Maternal Health in Nigeria, 2003-2013

Mallick, Lindsay, Tukur Dahiru, and Kerry L.D. MacQuarrie, Eds.: ICF International, (2016)

DHS Further Analysis Reports No 102

Nigeria 2015 Malaria Indicator Survey - Fact Sheet

National Malaria Elimination Programme, National Population Commission (NPC), The DHS Program, (2016)

Contextual Factors Influencing Modern Contraceptive Use in Nigeria

Ejembi, Clara Ladi, Tukur Dahiru, and Alhaji A. Aliyu, Eds.: ICF International, (2015)

DHS Working Papers No. 120

Demographic Patterns of HIV Testing Uptake in Sub-Saharan Africa

Staveteig, Sarah, Shanxiao Wang, Sara K. Head, Sarah E.K. Bradley, and Erica Nybro, Eds.: ICF International, (2013)

DHS Comparative Reports No. 30

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