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Bulletin: Cholera and AWD Outbreaks in Eastern and Southern Africa, Regional Update for 2019 - as of 1 April 2019

UN Children's Fund UNICEF, (2019)

Approximately 3,385 cholera / AWD cases including 19 deaths have been reported in 10 out of the 21 countries in Eastern and Southern Africa Region (ESAR); with an average Case Fatality Rate of 0.6%, since the beginning of 2019. These countries include; Angola, Burundi, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Somalia, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Kenya accounts for 35.4 % (1,198) of the total case load reported this year, followed by Mozambique at 31% (1,048).

2018-2019 Mozambique Humanitarian Response Plan (November 2018 - June 2019) - Revised following Cyclone Idai, March 2019

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, UN Resident Coordinator for Mozambique, UN Country Team in Mozambique, (2019)

While the full extent of Cyclone Ida’s impact is still being assessed, early reports indicate significant damage to infrastructure and livelihoods, with an estimated 3,000km2 of land submerged. Preliminary government reports as of 24 March indicate that more than 58,600 houses have been damaged, including 36,747 totally destroyed, 19,733 partially destroyed and 2,184 flooded. More than 500,000 hectares of crops have been damaged, which is expected to significantly increase food insecurity given that the flooding has coincided with the annual harvest season. More than 3,100 schools have been damaged, along with at least 45 health centres. Nearly 110,000 people remained displaced in more than 130 accommodation centres – mostly schools and other public buildings – in Sofala (90), Manica (26), Zambezia (10) and Tete (4), where humanitarian needs are acute and both the risk of communicable disease outbreaks and protection risks – particularly for women and girls – are high


Organização Mundial da Saúde , (2006)

A resposta a um surto de cólera focaliza geralmente os aspectos médicos que são importantes para reduzir a mortalidade. Contudo, há necessidade de uma resposta mais abrangente para limitar a propagação da doença. Como a resposta a surtos é geralmente dirigida por profi ssionais médicos, pode haver tendência para negligenciar outros aspectos, tais como problemas ambientais ou de comunicação.

Gestão de Cadáveres após Desastres: Manual para Equipes de Primeira Resposta no Terreno

Cordner, s.; R. Coninx; H.J.Kim; et al., Eds.: Pan American Health Organization (PAHO); CICV, et al., (2016)

Segunda edição (revisada). Portuguese Version of Management of dead bodies after disasters: a field manual for first responders

Mozambique: Cyclone Idai & Floods Flash Update No. 15, 01 April 2019

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), (2019)

The official death toll has risen to 518 people as of 1 April, according to the Government. • More than 1,000 cases of cholera and one death have been reported. • Nearly 110,000 houses have been identified by the authorities as totally destroyed (59,910), partially destroyed (33,925) or flooded (15,784). • As of 31 March, nearly 33,000 people had been reached with some type of shelter assistance

Mozambique: Cyclone Idai & Floods Flash Update No. 13, 29 March 2019

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), (2019)

The official death toll had risen to 493 people as of 29 March, according to the Government. A new cholera outbreak was reported in Nhamatande; nine Cholera Treatment Centres have been established in Beira and other locations. More than 140,000 people were displaced in 161 sites across Sofala (116 sites), Manica (27 sites), Zambezia (13 sites) Tete (5 sites); of whom more than 7,400 were identified as vulnerable, according to the Government.

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