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Access to HIV care and treatment for migrants between Lesotho and South Africa: a mixed methods study

I. Faturiyele, D. Karletsos, K. Ntene-Sealiete, et al., Eds.: BMC Public Health, (2018)

BMC Public Health (2018) 18:668

Lesotho Nursing and Midwifery Primary Health Care Clinical Placement Final Report

Stender, Stacie; Phafoli, Semakaleng et al. , (2014)

The overall aim of the study was to understand the acceptability and usefulness of PHC clinical placements for nursing and midwifery students.

Lesotho Nursing Task Analysis Report

Stender, Stacie; Christensen, Alice et al., (2013)

Lesotho’s predominantly rural population faces significant health challenges within a setting of inadequate human resources for health. It is essential that nurses and nurse-midwives, who together make up the largest health workforce in the country, be adequately prepared to address Lesotho’s Health Priorities according to the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) in the settings where they work. Under the HRAA project, Jhpiego conducted a task analysis study to obtain data on job duties or tasks performed by these cadres, as well as information about how often the tasks are performed, if and where tasks were learned, and the self-perceived level of competence in performing the tasks.

Communities of practice disabiity advocacy for mainstreaming (COPDAM) Program: Lesotho

Lesotho National Federation of Organisations of the Disabled (LNFOD), (2013)


Outcomes of Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis Treatment with Early Initiation of Antiretroviral Therapy for HIV Co-Infected Patients in Lesotho

Satti H, McLaughlin MM, Hedt-Gauthier B, Atwood SS, Omotayo DB, et al. , Eds.: PLoS ONE, (2012)

PloS One October 2012 | Volume 7 | Issue 10 | e46943


Lesotho National Federation of Organisations of the Disabled (LNFOD), (2008)

Extending Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission through Postpartum Family Planning in Lesotho

Frontiers in Reproductive Health, Family Health Department, Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, Kingdom of Lesotho, (2008)

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