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Stemming and reversing the out-migration of human resources for health in Lesotho (Poster)

Lesotho-Boston Health Alliance (LeBoHA), (2011)

Second Global Forum on Human Resources for Health 25 - 29 January 2011 | Bangkok, Thailand | Empower health workers for health outcomes | Reviewing progress, renewing commitments to health workers towards MDGs and beyond

Lesotho Pharmaceutical Country Profile

Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, World Health Organization (WHO) Lesotho Country Office, (2011)

Alleviating the Burden of Responsibility: Men as Providers of Community-Based HIV/AIDS Care and Support in Lesotho

Newman C, Eds.: Capacity Project, (2009)

Capacity Project Gender Research Brief | In Lesotho, as in many other countries, the HIV and AIDS care burden falls on the shoulders of women and girls in unpaid, invisible household and community work. This gender inequity in HRH needs to be addressed to ensure fair and sustainable responses to the need for home and community-based HIV/AIDS care and support. The Capacity Project addressed these issues through a study of men as providers of HIV/AIDS care and support.

Lesotho correctional service HIV and AIDS policy

National AIDS Commission (NAC) and Lesotho Correctional Services (LCS), Government of Lesotho, (2009)


Parliament of Lesotho, (2008)

An Act to repeal the Dangerous Medicines Act of 1973,to ensure the availability of certain drugs for exclusive medical, scientific and related purposes, while preventing their abuse; to prevent the diversion from lawful trade of controlled chemicals, controlled equipment and controlled materials for use in the unlawful manufacture of such drugs; to render drug trafficking and related conduct as serious criminal offences and to ensure that trafficking and related conducted as serious criminal offences and to ensure that offenders or suspects are brought to justice; to render certain conduct by drug users as criminal offences, to provide for the treatment and rehabilitation of drug abusing or dependent offenders; to establish the Lesotho Narcotics Bureau; and for related matters.

HIV Prevalence Patterns by Age and sex: Exploring Differences among 19 Countries

Chaitra Gopalappa, John Stover & Carel Pretorius, Eds.: ICF International Calverton, Maryland, USA , (2013)

DHS Analytical Studies No. 40

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