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UNICEF Rwanda Ebola Situation Report August 2019

UN Children's Fund UNICEF, (2019)

SITUATION IN NUMBERS 6 million people reached with EVD prevention messages 20,000 community health workers trained on EVD preparedness 2600 front line workers vaccinated

Going house-to-house to prevent Ebola

Wotton, L., Eds.: UNICEF, (2019)

UNICEF and partners have trained over 10,000 community health workers in Rwanda to visit families and teach them how to prevent Ebola.

Situation Epidémiologqiue. Evolution de l'Epidemie d'Ebola dans les Provinces du Nord-Kivu et de l'Ituri Jeudi 01 août 2019

Ministère de la Santé, DR Congo, (2019)

Depuis le début de l’épidémie, le cumul des cas est de 2.713, dont 2.619 confirmés et 94 probables. Au total, il y a eu 1.823 décès (1.729 confirmés et 94 probables) et 782 personnes guéries. 423 cas suspects en cours d’investigation ; 13 nouveaux cas confirmés, dont 5 à Beni, 2 à Mabalako, 2 à Mandima, 1 à Nyiragongo (Goma), 1 à Vuhovi, 1 à Katwa et 1 à Mutwanga ; 10 nouveaux décès de cas confirmés : 2 décès communautaires, dont 1 à Beni et 1 à Mandima ; 7 décès au CTE, dont 3 à Beni, 2 à Mabalako, 1 à Komanda et 1 à Goma ; 1 décès au CT de Beni ; 6 personnes guéries sorties des CTE, dont 5 à Beni et 1 à Katwa ; 1 agent de santé, vivant et vacciné, figure parmi les nouveaux cas confirmés de Beni. Le cumul des cas confirmés/probables parmi les agents de santé est de 149 (5 % de l’ensemble des cas confirmés/probables), dont 41 décès.

Social Science in Humanitarian Action Key considerations: Ebola preparedness and readiness in Goma, DRC

Peyton, D.; I. Gercama and J. Bedford, Eds.: Social Science in Humanitarian Action: A Communication for Development Platform, (2019)

This brief summarises key considerations about the social, political and economic context of Goma in relation to the outbreak of Ebola in the DRC as of March 2019. Goma is the administrative capital of North Kivu province and a major urban centre in the Great Lakes Region. The city is home to an estimated 1.5 million people and serves as an important economic and transportation hub that links eastern Congo to the broader East African sub-region. The arrival of Ebola in Goma would substantially increase the at-risk population and heighten the potential for cross-border transmission to neighbouring countries, particularly Rwanda. This brief therefore focuses on local social and political structures that can be leveraged to promote preparedness and readiness actions.

Democratic Republic of Congo: Ebola Virus Disease - External Situation Report 30, 26 February 2019

World Health Organization WHO, (2019)

From the beginning of the outbreak to 24 February 2019, a total of 872 EVD cases, including 807 confirmed and 65 probable cases, were reported from 19 health zones in the North Kivu and Ituri provinces. A total of 548 deaths were reported (overall case fatality ratio 63%), including 483 deaths among confirmed cases. Of confirmed and probable cases with reported age and sex, 57% (496/871) were female, and 30% (262/871) were children aged less than 18 years. One healthcare worker was among the newly confirmed cases in the last week, bringing the number of health workers infected to 69, with 21 deaths

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