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Facilitator’s Guide for Inter-sector Response Options Analysis & Planning (Final version)

Danish Refugee Council, UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, Mercy Corps, Save the Children, Cash Learning Partnership, (2019)

The Facilitator's Guide has been piloted in Borno (Nigeria) and in Fafan zone (Somali region, Ethiopia) and improved iteratively after each test. What does the ROAP have that you won't find in other methodologies? It is based on holistic, people-centred approaches that span across sectors and consider people's perceptions, priorities, ways of coping, and assistance preferences. It introduces the concepts of inter-sector needs profile and inter-sector causal analysis, and how to use these to articulate shared objectives and better integrated and holistic response packages, as opposed to siloed plans. It introduces the concept of basic needs basket, and how to define the BN basket based on both households' perspective and sector experts' opinions, and acknowledging that needs have different frequencies and timings, and units of analysis (individual, household, community).

Preparativos de salud para situaciones de desastres. Guía para el nivel local

Organización Panamericana de la Salud, (2003)

Esta guía ofrece al personal de salud y a los integrantes del Comité Operativo de Emergencia recomendaciones prácticas para facilitar su trabajo en los preparativos para desastres. Presenta los principales aspectos para elaborar un Plan Local de Emergencia para el sector salud, un instrumento básico en los preparativos del sector, que se realiza mediante un proceso alta- mente participativo entre los actores del sector salud y la comunidad.

Ending violence against women - an Oxfam Guide

Eds.: Oxfam , (2012)

What is Violence Against Women? Why does it happen? What does it have to do with development? What does Oxfam do to end violence against women? What does it mean to do that work with a transformative approach? Available in: English, Arabic, French, Spanish:

Template Action Plan for the implementation of the WHO multimodal hand hygiene improvement strategy

World Health Organization WHO, (2009)

A guide to help you create an Action Plan specific for your health-care facility

La gestión del estrés en el trabajo humanitario: propuesta de sistema para la reducción de riesgos

Antares foundation, (2008)

Objetivo: el presente folleto describe el impacto que tiene el estrés sobre las organizaciones humanitarias y sobre sus trabajadores, además de establecer estrategias para reducir las consecuencias adversas que se derivan del mismo. Beneficios:datos recogidos en varios entornos de trabajo subrayan los beneficios de un programa sistemático de reducción de riesgos para la comunidad humanitaria

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