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Recommendations for Good Practice in Pandemic Preparedness

Jean-Gilles, L.; M. Hegermann-Lindencrone, C. S. Brown, et al., Eds.: World Health Organization, Regional Office for Europe; University of Nottingham, (2010)

Identified through evaluation of the response to pandemic (H1N1) 2009 Ebola Awareness Quick Guide

DisasterReady, (2014)

This 15-minute quick guide is developed with content available from the World Health Organization, CDC, and other organizations. The general public and aid workers without specialized health training will benefit from increased awareness of this outbreak.To access the latest training, log into or enroll directly in the Ebola Awareness Quick Guide training course.

Training Health Workers for Ebola

mPowering Frontlline Health; IntraHealth, (2014)

The Ebola crisis has impacted some of the most vulnerable areas of the world, and frontline health workers are struggling to keep pace with the outbreak. The “Training Health Workers for Ebola” series consists of four webinars, and aims to provide health workers with the clear, reliable, and timely information they need to protect themselves, detect the disease, and respond. This webinar series is offered free of charge by mPowering Frontline Health Workers and IntraHealth. Please visit the website:

Practical Guidelines for Infection Control in Health Care Facilities

Manju Vatsa, Duangvadee Sungkhobol, Sudarshan Kumari, et al., Eds.: WHO Western Pacific, Manila, and WHO South-East Asia, New Delhi, (2004)

Consolidated Humanitarian Health Guidelines

ECHO, Eds.: EU, (2014)

These Guidelines comprise a General Guidelines document that provides the basic parameters of DG ECHO humanitarian health assistance, complemented by specific Technical Guidance in annex.

Glove Use Information Leaflet

World Health Organization, (2009)

On the appropriate use of gloves with respect to hand hygiene.

Safe Hospitals in Emergencies and Disasters

World Health Organization, ISDR, EU, Eds.: World Health Organization, (2010)

Structural, Non-structural and Functional Indicators

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