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KoBo Toolbox

Harvard Humanitarian Intitative, Eds.: United Nations; International Rescue Committee (IRC), et al., (2014)

Free and open source tool of choice for tens of thousands of humanitarians, development practitioners, global health workers, and researchers around the world. KoBoToolbox is a suite of tools for field data collection for use in challenging environments.Quickly collecting reliable information in a humanitarian crisis – especially following a natural disaster such as a large earthquake or a typhoon taking place in a poor country – is the critical link to saving the lives of the most vulnerable. Download the software directly from the website

Plague: Knowledge resources for responders

World Health Organization WHO, (2017)

Decision-makers and frontline responders will find a set of resources on plague here. These resources can be used as refreshers for experienced personnel or as an introduction to the topic for everyone else. Most of the materials are available in English and French, and can be downloaded for offline use La version française de ce cours est disponible sur:

Open Guidelines

Loetz, S., Eds.: Department of pediatrics; Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre, Malawi., (2017)

Open Guidelines is brought to you on behalf of the paediatrics department of Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre, Malawi. Our aim is to improve access to clinical guidelines for our health care professionals. Open guidelines has all the latest QECH clinical protocols and essential drug information. All content can be downloaded and afterwards be accessed at any time. The app has a search function. Total data volume for download is 15 MB. Also on the same app one can access COIN, an excellent neonatal and infant training course.

Peste: Ressources de connaissances pour les intervenants

World Health Organization WHO, (2017)

Les décideurs et les intervenants en première ligne trouveront ici les ressources sur la maladie à la peste. Ces ressources peuvent être utilisées en tant que rappels ou compléments de connaissances pour les travailleurs expérimentés ou en tant qu’introduction au sujet pour les autres. La plupart des ressources sont disponibles en anglais et en français et peuvent être téléchargées pour un usage sans connexion. The English version of this course is available at:

Social and Behavior Change Communication for Emergency Preparedness Implementation Kit

Amrita Gill-Bailey, Kathryn Bertram, Uttara Bharath et al., Eds.: Johns Hopkins University and US Agency for International Development (USAID), (2017)

Each unit builds on the one prior, and they all combine to provide key information for developing an SBCC strategy. It is not essential, however, to work through the I-Kit from start to finish. Users can choose to focus on specific aspects for which they need support in their emergency communication response. The nine units and corresponding worksheets are outlined in the I-Kit Site Navigator.

Social and Behavior Change Communication for Emergency Preparedness Implementation Kit. Worksheets

USAID; Health Communication Capacity Collaborative, Eds.: The John Hopkins University, (2017)

This I-Kit provides essential information and tools for responding to an outbreak using an SBCC approach. It presents a series of nine units, each accompanied by exercise worksheets to help link the SBCC theory to practice. The worksheets in each section are typically followed by a completed example. The completed examples will likely include information about an emergency that, during an actual event, might not be immediately available. This was done to illustrate the full range of information to inform a strategic communication response.

Istanbul Protocol

UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), Eds.: United Nations, (2004)

Manual on the Effective Investigation and Documentation of Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment

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