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Syndrome de Guillain-Barré

Organisation mondiale de la Santé, (2016)

WHO Factsheet (French version). March 2016

Guillain Barré syndrome

World Health Organization, (2016)

WHO Factsheet. 14 March 2016

Síndrome de Guillain–Barré

Organización Mundial de la Salud, (2016)

WHO Factsheet (Spanish version). March 2016

Questions and Answers on vector control for Zika virus

Pan American Health Organization PAHO; World Health Organization, Regional Office for the Americas, (2016)

Countries with local Zika transmission

European Centre for Disease Prevention and control ECDC, (2016)

last updated 29 March 2016

Guillain-Barré Syndrome outbreak associated with Zika virus infection in French Polynesia: a case-control study

Cao-Lormeau VM, Blake A, Mons S, Lastère S, Roche C, Vanhomwegen J, Dub T, Baudouin L, Teissier A, Larre P, Vial AL, Decam C, Choumet V, Halstead SK, Willison HJ, Musset L, Manuguerra JC, Despres P, Fournier E, Mallet HP, Musso D, Fontanet A, Neil J, Ghawché F, Eds.: The Lancet, (2016)

Published Online: 29 February 2016. DOI: Please download directly from the webpage:


Organización Mundial de la Salud, (2016)

WHO Factsheet (Spanish version). Updated 02 March 2016

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