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Kenya Health Sector Referral Strategy (2014– 2018)

Republic of Kenya, Ministry of Health, Division of Emergency and Disaster Risk Management, (2014)

The overall goal of the Kenya Health Sector Referral Strategy is to improve client access to referral. The objectives of the strategy are to realise improved capacity of health providers to identify clients who require referral, develop protocols that will lead to referral system efficiency and effectiveness, and promote and facilitate information and communication technology (ICT) to manage referrals, improve care, enhance capacity of the referral system in Kenya, provide communication and related equipment, and promote research and innovation for referrals.


Ministry of Medical Services and Ministry of Public Health & Sanitation, Republic of Kenya, (2013)

Transforming Health: Accelerating attainment of Health Goals | THE SECOND MEDIUM TERM PLAN FOR HEALTH

International Health Emergency Response Plan- Marburg Virus Disease

World Health Organization WHO, (2017)

On 17 October 2017, the Ugandan Ministry of Health notified WHO of a confirmed Marburg outbreak of Marburg Virus disease (MVD) in Kween district, Eastern Uganda. The outbreak was officially declared by the Ministry of health on 19 October 2017. As of 7 November, four cases of MVD have been reported- two confirmed (dead), one probable (dead) and one suspected. Other patients, previously reported as suspected cases, have since tested negative for the virus. WHO has been implementing the Emergency Response Plan since 20 October 2017 when the Ministry of Health officially declared the outbreak. The Emergency Response Plan was developed on several assumptions which may now need to be revised.

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