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Promoción de la Salud Mental en las Poblaciones Indígenas

Organización Panamericana de la Salud OPS, (2016)

EXPERIENCIAS DE PAÍSES UNA COLABORACIÓN ENTRE LA OPS/OMS, CANADÁ, CHILE Y SOCIOS DE LA REGIÓN DE LAS AMÉRICAS 2014-2015. Objetivos: 1. Fomentar aún más y establecer un intercambio de experiencias en el campo de la salud mental entre los países participantes; 2. Documentar, presentar y compartir experiencias innovadoras relacionadas con la promoción de la salud mental, entre otras, la prevención del suicidio y las iniciativas con jóvenes en Chile y Canadá; 3. Analizar la posible pertinencia y adaptabilidad en Nunavut de un instrumento de capacitación estandarizado de la OMS para la integración de la atención de salud mental en la atención primaria de salud: la Guía de Intervención del Programa de acción para superar las brechas en salud mental (GI-mhGAP); y 4. Publicar y difundir las experiencias y conclusiones de esos procesos.

Public Knowledge and Beliefs about Mental Disorders in Developing Countries: A Review

Alemayehu Tibebe and Kenfe Tesfay, (2015)

J Depress Anxiety S3:004. doi:10.4172/2167-1044.S3-004 This paper is therefore designed to review public knowledge and belief about mental disorders (mental health literacy) in developing countries with particular emphasis on the public knowledge and beliefs about causes and symptoms of mental disorders, public attitude and perception towards people with mental illness and help seeking behaviors. The review will provide important evidences from developing countries which are relevant to introduce the concept of mental health literacy in Ethiopia as there has been no systemic review of evidences on mental health literacy and to guide the development and implementation of a mental health policy in Ethiopia where mental health policy is absent

Mental Health. A Guide for Faith Leaders

American Psychiatric Association Foundation and the Mental Health and Faith Community Partnership Steering Committee, (2018)

Cross-Cultural Examination of Knowledge and Beliefs about Mental Disorders

Altweck, L., (2016)

Dissertationsubmitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, Brunel University

Cultural Issues in Mental Health

Don Gorman and Wendy Cross, (2011)

In: Mental health nursing: dimensions of praxis. Oxford University Press, Melbourne, Australia, pp. 427-442. ISBN 9780195566963 This chapter introduces you to the importance of culturally based health and well-being and to health care delivered by mental health nurses. There is a need for mental health professionals to incorporate knowledge about these beliefs and to develop the skills to work with clients from cultures other than their own if they are to care for them effectivel

Cultural Awareness Tool

Multicultural Mental Health Australia, (2002)

Understanding Cultural Diversity in Mental Health

Mental Health and Integration in Asia Pacific

Chee H. Ng, (2018)

This brief report examines the extent to which community-based treatment and integration support are provided for people living with mental illness across 15 selected Asia-Pacific economies. Some of the key findings are discussed in light of the diversity of economies and cultural contexts. BJPSYCH INTERNATIONALVOLUME 15 NUMBER 4 NOVEMBER 201

Improving Cultural Competence - QUICK GUIDE FOR CLINICIANS

SAMSHA, (2016)

Treatment Improvement Protocol (TIP) Series No. 59 This Quick Guide is based entirely on information contained in TIP 59, published in 2014. No additional research has been conducted to update this topic since publication of TIP 59. | This Quick Guide provides succinct, easily accessible information to behavioral health administrators about developing culturally competent organizations. The guide is based entirely on Improving Cultural Competence, Number 59 in the Treatment Improvement Protocol (TIP) series. Users of the Quick Guide are invited to consult the primary source, TIP 59, for more information and a complete list of resources for improving cultural competence. To order a copy of TIP 59 or to access it online, see the inside back cover of this guide.

Improving Cultural Competence

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration SAMHASA, (2014)

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