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Maßnahmen bei Verdacht auf Ebolafieber

Robert-Koch-Institut, (2015)

Die Infografik ist als PDF-Datei zum Selbstausdrucken in zwei Größen verfügbar

Learning from the Ebola Response in cities: Responding in the context of quarantine

Campbell, L, Eds.: ALNAP, (2017)

This paper brings together lessons from interviews with humanitarians and local responders, as well as existing literature, about the use of quarantine in urban environments during the humanitarian response to the Ebola Crisis

Sierra Leone: Isolation Capacity

Government of Sierra Leone; World Health Organization (WHO), (2016)

WASH and Environmental Health Package in Health Facilities

Ministry of Health, Liberia, (2015)

Program for Early Recovery and Resilience Building from EVD Outbreak in Liberia

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