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The Tobacco Body

World Health Organization WHO, (2019)

This Poster is available in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, Hausa and Arabic

Health, Rights and Drugs

UNAIDS, (2019)

Harm Reducation, Decriminalization and Zero Discrimination for People who use Drugs

The Premium Counselling Relationship Manual

N. Chowdhary, H. Dabholkar; R. Velleman, et al., Eds.: Sangath; London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, (2013)

his manual is for people who have had no formal training in counselling but wish to learn the necessary components to establishing an effective counselling relationship. It will be useful for anyone who is involved in counselling people with a mental health problem. his manual aims at providing counsellors with information about the basic skills required in counselling in a practical and simple to understand format. It is meant to accompany the Healthy Activity Program (HAP) and Counselling for Alcohol Problems (CAP) manuals for counselling patients with depression and harmful/dependent drinking in primary care settings.

An offer to all who would like to help someone close to them

R. Gaßmann, Eds.: Deutsche Hauptstelle für Suchtfragen e.V.; Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung, (2014)

Alcohol, medication, tobacco, illegal drugs, addictive behaviour Second, revised edition with new layout Juni 2014


Grohol, J., (2019)

Psych Central is the Internet’s largest and oldest independent mental health online resource. Since 1995, our award-winning website has been run by mental health professionals offering reliable, trusted information and over 250 support groups to consumers.

Факты о наркотиках. Это твоя жизнь. Не сломай ее

feidhmeannacht na seirbhise slainte health service executive, Eds.: feidhmeannacht na seirbhise slainte health service executive, (2008)

В этом буклете вы почерпнете • Факты о некоторых распространенных заблуждениях. • Данные о том, где найти дополнительные сведения, помощь и поддержку. • Информацию о различных видах незаконных наркотических веществ

Беременность! и наркотики?

Міжнародний Альянс з ВІЛ/СНІД в Україні, Громадське здоров’я, Eds.: Міжнародний Альянс з ВІЛ/СНІД в Україні, Громадське здоров’я, (2019)

Цель этой брошюры: дать информацию, которая поможет наркозависимым женщинам сохранить свое здоровье в период беременности и уменьшить вредное воздействие наркотиков на организм будущего ребенка. Accessed on 2019

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