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Indonesia: Disaster Management Reference Handbook

Center for Excellence in Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance, (2018)

The Indonesian government has reformed its laws, policies, and institutions to better manage disaster risk since the significant 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami. The Government of Indonesia now has contingency plans for every disaster-prone city which identifies its vulnerabilities, outlines the relief response, and builds overall preparedness. In 2007, the government introduced a disaster management bill that incorporated disaster management prevention into disaster management response. In 2008, Indonesia created the National Disaster Management Agency (Badan Nasional Penanggulangan Bencana, BNPB). The new shift led to the strengthening of the country’s disaster management agency, and the addition of district branches and representatives. Despite the progress made, more work is needed at the local level as well as integration of disaster risk reduction in government departments.11 Under Indonesia’s 2007 Disaster Management law, provincial and district administrations are mandated to head disaster management during a crisis.

Internal Displacement Update Issue 30: 11 January - 7 February 2018

Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, (2018)

This update is based on internal displacement figures made available to IDMC across 16 countries from J11 January - 7 February 2018. These figures will be updated and expanded upon regularly and can be accessed via IDMC’s Global Internal Displacement Database (GIDD) which can be viewed at

Lindungi diri dari dampak buruk kabut asap

Ministry of Health Republic of Indonesia, (2017)

Protect yourself from the bad effects of haze of smoke: Information flyer about how to protect yourself from the haze of smoke in Indonesia Access : 26.4.2017

Profil Penanggulangan Krisis Kesehatan Kabupaten / Kota Rawan Bencana : Kabupaten Flores Timur

Pusat Krisis Kesehatan, Eds.: Ministry of Health of Republic of Indonesia, (2016)

Profile of Crisis Response of District Health / Disaster Risk: Regency of East Flores, Indonesia

Profil Penanggulangan Krisis Kesehatan 34 Kabupaten / Kota Rawan Bencana Tahun 2016

Pusat Krisis Kesehatan, Eds.: Kementerian Kesehatan RI, (2016)

Policy brief about profile of health crisis prevention in 34 districts / cities in Indonesia with high potential of natural disasters in 2016

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