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L'inclusion du handicap. Mettre en pratique les politiques dans l’action humanitaire

Pearce, E., Eds.: . Women's Refugee Commission (WRC) , (2014)

La Commission des femmes pour les réfugiés (WRC) identifie les besoins, recherche des solutions et plaide pour un changement au niveau mondial en vue d’améliorer la vie des femmes, des enfants et des jeunes déplacés par les conflits et les crises. Sur le plan juridique, la Commission des femmes pour les réfugiés fait partie du Comité International de secours (IRC), une organisation à but non lucratif de type 501 (c)(3), mais ne reçoit pas de soutien financier direct de sa part.

Disability Inclusion: Translating Policy into Practice in Humanitarian Action

Women's Refugee Commission (WRC) and UNICEF Lebanon, (2014)

The report provides lessons and recommendations for other organizations and the wider humanitarian community on engaging persons with disabilities at all levels of humanitarian work. It draws on consultations with over 700 displaced persons—including persons with disabilities, their families, and humanitarian staff—in eight countries.

Refugees with Disabilities: Increasing Inclusion, Building Community

Women's Refugee Commission (WRC), (2014)

A discussion tool on improving access & inclusion for displaced persons with disabilities

Working with persons with disabilities in forced displacement

UN High Commissioner for Refugees, (2011)

Refugees1 with disabilities have specific needs and face particular forms of discrimination. As highlighted in the Executive Committee Conclusion No. 110 (LXI)–2010, it is important for UNHCR to ensure that the rights of persons with disabilities who are of concern to the Office are met without discrimination. This places an onus on offices to develop a thorough understanding of the circumstances of persons with disabilities under their care. This note provides staff with guidance on a range of issues to consider in meeting these responsibilities.

The Inclusion Imperative: Towards Disability-inclusive and Accessible Urban Development

Disability Inclusive and Accessible Urban Development (DIAUD), (2016)

Key Recommendations for an Inclusive Urban Agenda

Joint position paper on the provision of mobility devices in less resourced settings

World Health Organization; USAID, (2011)

A step towards implementation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) related to personal mobility.

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