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Management of Dead Bodies After Disasters: A Field Manual For First Responders

Oliver Morgan; Morris Tidball-Binz; Dana van Alphen, Eds.: PAHO/World Health Organization; ICRC; IFRC, (2006)

Limited Access Humanitarian Programming

Sandisan, P., Eds.: Oxfam, (2017)

Operational guidance for managing programme quality. These guidelines are about implementing the programme-quality standards of the Core Humanitarian Standard in limited access humanitarian response. They have been developed using approaches and tools tested by Oxfam, other INGOs and the UN in Afghanistan, DRC, Iraq, Somalia, Syria and Yemen. The guidelines are an operational resource to help programme designers and decision makers deliver ‘good enough’ programme quality in limited access humanitarian response.

Training Manual: Gender Leadership in Humanitarian Action

Fiona Gell, Eliza Hilton, Tess Dico-Young, Eds.: European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection department (ECHO) and Oxfam, (2017)

Les standards Sphère dans l’intervention humanitaire à l’échelle nationale

The Sphere Project, (2016)

La collaboration avec les autorités nationales de gestion des catastrophes

Sphere standards in national humanitarian response. Engaging with National Disaster Management Authorities

The Sphere Project, (2016)

The Sphere standards in national humanitarian response discussion paper sets out to understand and describe opportunities for adapting international humanitarian standards to a regional, national or local level in preparing for, or responding to a disaster. The paper, which includes case studies and recommendations for humanitarian professionals, is available in English, French and Spanish

Using the Sphere Standards in Urban Settings

Ben Mountfield, Eds.: The Sphere Project, (2016)

Fills a gap in current guidance on how to implement humanitarian standards in urban situations. In Arabic, English, French and Spanish available

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