Humanitarian Action for Children: Myanmar

UNICEF, Eds.: UNICEF, (2019)

The humanitarian situation in Myanmar continues to pose significant challenges for children. In 2019, an estimated 460,000 children will require humanitarian assistance.1 Fighting and displacement continue in Kachin and Shan states; more than 10,000 people remain displaced and in camps in Kayin State;2 and overcrowded camps and ethnic tensions remain causes for concern in Rakhine State. Approximately 244,500 people are internally displaced and living in camps across the country.3 Following the exodus of over 700,000 Rohingya from Myanmar in late 2017,4 this population continues to face significant challenges, including lack of freedom of movement, discrimination and limited access to basic services, as well as tensions with other communities. In Kachin and Shan, intense fighting in 2018 led to a rise in the number of internally displaced people in those states. In Kachin, Kayin, Shan and Rakhine, UNICEF and partners lack consistent and unfettered access to affected populations, which has undermined the delivery of assistance. In Kachin, Kayin and Shan, as well as other areas, unexploded ordnance and landmines represent a significant risk to children, with a child injured or killed every three days.

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