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Ziele für nachhaltige Entwicklung

Renn.Nord Regionale Netzstellen Nachhaltigkeitsstrategie, (2019)

Die 169 Unterziele im Einzelnen

Stronger collaboration, better health: global action plan for healthy lives and well-being for all

World Health Organization WHO; The Global Fund; UNAIDS, et al., (2019)

The overall objective of the Global Action Plan is to enhance collaboration among 12 global organizations engaged in health, development and humanitarian responses to accelerate country progress on the health-related SDG targets. The Plan presents a new approach to strengthening collaboration among and joint action by the organizations, building on an initial joint commitment made in October 2018. The Plan is primarily intended to be strategic but provides some operational detail to guide implementation while also allowing flexibility for adjustment based on regular reviews of progress and learning from experience. Although the purpose of the Global Action Plan is not to provide or seek additional resources, the Plan will enable better use of existing resources as a result of improved collaboration, recognizing that each agency has its own unique mandate and area of expertise.

Teaching the Sustainable Development Goals

Eds.: Engagement Global , (2017)

Teaching the Sustainable Development Goals” provides information about the SDGs, their background, the global reality and offers assistance and suggestions on how to teach and support learning for sustainable development.

Primary Health Care on the Road to Universal Health Coverage. Excecutive Summary

World Health Organization WHO, (2019)

Countries must invest at least 1% more of GDP on primary health care to eliminate glaring coverage gaps At current rates of progress up to 5 billion people will miss out on health care in 2030 Countries must increase spending on primary healthcare by at least 1% of their gross domestic product (GDP) if the world is to close glaring coverage gaps and meet health targets agreed in 2015, says this new report. They must also intensify efforts to expand services countrywide. The world will need to double health coverage between now and 2030, according to the Universal Health Coverage Monitoring Report. It warns that if current trends continue, up to 5 billion people will still be unable to access health care in 2030 – the deadline world leaders have set for achieving universal health coverage. Most of those people are poor and already disadvantaged.

Positionspapier der Think Tank Gruppe für die Globale Gesundheitsstrategie der Bundesregierung

Insittut für Globale Gesundheit, (2019)

Germany's efforts to build diplomatic and scientific bridges in global health are especially important amid rising nationalism in the US, UK, Brazil, India, and elsewhere. “With its growing economic power and increasing political influence, outside expectations are rising, but so is the skepticism,” he says, pointing to a recent position paper. He argues that Germany still needs to do much more to advance global health, by increasing support for multidisciplinary global health research and establishing more postgraduate global health programs

Indikatoren der UN-Nachhaltigkeitsziele

Eds.: Statistisches Bundesamt, (2019)

Ziel der nationalen Berichtsplattform (NRP) ist die Bereitstellung von Daten für Deutschland zu den globalen Indikatoren der UN-Nachhaltigkeitsziele, den Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Das Statistische Bundesamt ist verantwortlich für die Koordinierung und Veröffentlichung deutscher Daten für die SDG-Indikatoren und für die statistische Berichterstattung über die Fortschritte Deutschlands auf diesem Gebiet. Diese Internetseite ermöglicht es den zuständigen internationalen Organisationen (Custodian Agencies) für einzelne SDG-Indikatoren die Daten direkt herunterzuladen und für die globale Berichterstattung zu nutzen. Zudem bietet sie der interessierten Öffentlichkeit stets aktualisierte Informationen über den Stand von Deutschlands SDG-Indikatoren und detaillierte Angaben zu deren Berechnungsmethodik.

The World Health Report 2008: Primary Health Care - Now more than ever

Eds.: World Health Organization, (2008)

Primary care - Putting people first: This chapter describes how primary care brings promotion and prevention, cure and care together in a safe, effective and socially productive way at the interface between the population and the health system.

30 Jahre Primary Health Care - Die Neuauflage einer revolutionären Idee

Müller, O; Razum O, Eds.: Deutsches Ärzteblatt PP 9/2008: 407, (2008)

Die Gesundheitskonferenz in Alma-Ata definierte 1978 Gesundheit als Menschenrecht. Man setzte auf Teilhabe und Basisgesundheitsdienste. Nun wird das Konzept wiederbelebt.

Rules of engagement between the UN and private actors - Towards a regulatory and institutional framework

Jens Martens and Karolin Seitz, Eds.: MSEREOR, Brot für die Welt, Global Policy Forum Europe, (2019)

This working paper aims to provide a rough over-view of existing rules and guidelines on the coopera-tion between the UN and the private sector – at least as they are publicly available. It will describe com-mon features and discuss advances and shortcomings of the most prominent and debated rules and guide-lines. Finally, it will present proposals for improve-ment of the existing rules and steps towards a new regulatory and institutional framework for interac-tion between the UN and the private sector.

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