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Short Guide to Hepatitis C

Stefan Mauss, Thomas Berg, Jürgen Rockstroh et al., Eds.: Flying Publisher, (2014)

Exciting new treatment approaches make the management of hepatitic C one of the most rapidly developing areas of medicine. The Flying Publisher short Guide to Hepatitis C is an up-to-date source of information for physicians, residents and advanced medical students.

Reproductive Health Assessment Toolkit for Conflict-Affected Women (Cover)

Division of Reproductive Health, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Coordinating Center for Health Promotion, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Department of Health and Human Services,, (2007)

This is only the cover of the book. Download the whole Toolkit at: Understanding the reproductive health needs of conflict-affected women will enable organizations to implement and enhance programs and services to improve the health of women and their families. The Reproductive Health Assessment Toolkit (RHA) for Conflict-Affected Women provides user-friendly tools to quantitatively assess the reproductive health needs of conflict-affected women aged 15–49 years. The RHA Toolkit enables field staff to collect data to inform program planning, monitoring, evaluation, and advocacy. It promotes using the collected data to enhance services and improve the reproductive health of women and their families.

Post-Rape Care Checklist for Women & Men

Inter-agency Working Group on Reproductive Health in Crises, (2014)

Adapted by PATH from WHO/UNHCR recommendations in Clinical Management of Rape Survivors: Developing protocols for use with refugees and internally displaced persons, Revised Ed. 2004 Accessed June 2014

HIV-related Needs in Internally Displaced Persons and Other Conflict-affected Populations: A Rapid Situation Assessment Tool


This assessment tool for HIV and internally displaced persons (IDPs) is an outcome of multisectoral, multi-agency assessment missions in Côte d’Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Nepal and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) first global consultation on HIV and internally displaced persons held in April 2007 in Geneva.

Clinical Management Rape Survivors Developing Protocols

World Health Organization; UNHCR, (2004)

Developing protocols for use with refugees and internally displaced persons

Antenatal Guidelines for Primary Health Care in Crisis Conditions

Cristina Otero Garcia, Eds.: ICRC, (2005)

These guidelines are designed for ICRC and other health professionals – nurses, midwifes, doctors – who either lack experience in antenatal care or are not used to working in countries where medical infrastructure is underdeveloped or non-existent

Hepatitis B (chronic): Diagnosis and management of chronic hepatitis B in children, young people and adults

Aftab Ala, Elizabeth Boxall, Steven Bradley et al., Eds.: National Clinical Guideline Centre, (2013)

Clinical guideline, Methods, Evidence and Recommendations In this guideline the following is covered: information needs of people with chronic hep titis B and their carers; where children, young people and adults with chronic hepatitis B a- should be assessed; assessment of liver disease, including the use of non-invasive tests and genotype testing; criteria for offering antiviral treatment; the efficacy, safety and cost effectiveness of currently available treatments; selection of first-line therapy; management of treatment failure or drug resistance; prophylactic treatment during im- munosuppressive therapy; and monitoring for treatment response

Guidelines to Referral Health Care in Lebanon

UNHCR, (2014)

The standard operating procedures (SOP) for referral care cover all the refugee populations living in Lebanon. These SOPs outline the policies and procedures for referral care in Lebanon, including the limits in health assistance that can be provided.

Management of tuberculosis and HIV coinfection

Robert Colebunders, Manfred Danilovits, Kayt Erdahl et al., Eds.: World Health Organization, (2013)

This publication is an updated version of the Management of Tuberculosis and HIV Coinfection clinical protocol released in 2007 by the WHO Regional Office for Europe. It is intended for all health care workers involved in preventing, diagnosing, treating and caring for people living with TB and HIV in the specific settings of the WHO European Region.

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