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Hand washing for health care workers

Department of Health, Province of Kwazulu-Natal, (2015)

Accessed 14 July 2015

Hand hygiene in health care in the context of Filovirus disease outbreak response. Rapid advice guideline

World Health Organization, (2014)

This document provides a summary of the recommendations for hand hygiene best practices to be performed by health workers providing care and/or support to patients with filovirus infection (Ebola and Marburg viruses).

WHO Guidelines on Hand Hygiene in Health Care

WHO, (2009)

First Global Patient Safety Challenge Clean Care is Safer Care

Infection Prevention and Control

Dramowski, A., Eds.: Dave Woods and S. Mehtar; Bettercare, (2014)

A guide for health professionals in low-resource settings, Infection Prevention and Control is a must-have manual for nurses, doctors, and health administrators, and especially those in resource-limited settings

Local production of WHO-recommended alcohol-based handrubs: feasibility, advantages, barriers and costs

Joanna Bauer-Savage, Didier Pittet, EunMi Kim & Benedetta Allegranzi, (2013)

Lessons from the field. Bull World Health Organ 2013;91:963–969 | doi:

Making hand washing solution

Ministry of Health and Sanitation Sierra Leone, Eds.: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC, (2015)

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