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Epidemiological Update - Diphtheria 3 July 2019

Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), (2019)

Diphtheria in the Americas -Summary of the situation. In 2018, three countries in the Region of the Americas (Colombia, Haiti, and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela) reported confirmed cases of diphtheria. In 2019, Haiti and Venezuela reported confirmed cases.

Diabetes .

Hesperian, (2016)

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HIV Country Profile: 2017 - Haiti

World Health Organization (WHO), (2017)

HIV Country Intelligence - HIV Country Profiles

Kote Fanm Pa Jwenn Doktè

A. August Burns, Ronnie Lovich, Jane Maxwell, Katharine Shapiro, (2014)

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Every Preemie—SCALE, (2017)

The information provided here can be used to understand the current situation, increase attention to preterm births in Rwanda and to inform dialogue and action among stakeholders. Data can be used to identify the most important risk factors to target and gaps in care in order to identify and implement solutions for improved outcomes.

Haiti: Countdown to 2015 - Maternal, Newborn & Child Survival

Countdown to 2030 Commission, (2015)

The Countdown country profile presents in one place the best and latest evidence to enable an assessment of a country’s progress in improving reproductive, maternal, newborn, and child health (RMNCH)

Enquête Mortalité, Morbidité et Utilisation des Services, Haïti, 2016-2017 : Indicateurs Clés

Institut Haïtien de l’Enfance (IHE) [Haïti] et ICF, (2017)

Haïti: DHS 2016-2017 - Key Indicators Report (French)

Global Health Observatory (GHO) data: Country statistics

World Health Organization (WHO), (2018)

The country statistical pages bring together the main health data and statistics for each country, as compiled by WHO and partners in close consultation with Member States, and include descriptive and analytical summaries of health indicators for major health topics.

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