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Out of the Shadows. Making Mental Health a Global Development Policy

Seth Mnookin, Eds.: World Bank Group, and World Health Organization WHO, (2016)

Mental disorders impose an enormous burden on society, accounting for almost one in three years lived with disability globally. •In addition to their health impact, mental disorders cause a significant economic burden due to lost economic output and the link between mental disorders and costly, potentially fatal conditions including cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, HIV, and obesity.•80% of the people likely to experience an episode of a mental disorder in their lifetime come from low- and middle-income countries.• Two of the most common forms of mental disorders, anxiety and depression, are prevalent, disabling, and respond to a range of treatments that are safe and effective. Yet, owing to stigma and inadequate funding, these disorders are not being treated in most primary care and community settings.

Fundamental Facts about mental health 2016

Mental Health Foundation, (2016)

A comprehensive summary of mental health research, providing a unique handbook of key facts and figures, covering all key areas of mental health

Making Mental Health a Global Priority

Patricio V. Marquez, and Shekhar Saxena, (2016)

Cerebrum. 2016 Jul-Aug; 2016: cer-10-16. Published online 2016 Jul 1.

Глобальный опрос взрослых о потреблении табака (GATS)

Министерство здравохранения Украины, GTSS, WHO et al., Eds.: Министерство здравохранения Украины, GTSS, WHO et al., (2010)

Глобальный опрос взрослых о потреблении табака (GATS) — это мировой стандарт для систематического мониторинга употребления взрослыми табака (как курительного, так и некурительного) и отслеживания ключевых показателей контроля над табаком.

Передозировка опиоидов: предупреждение и снижение смертности, вызванной передозировкой опиоидов

Организация Объединенных Наций, Eds.: UNODC, UNO, (2013)

В этом дискуссионном документе излагаются факты, касающиеся передозировки опиоидов, мер, которые могут быть приняты в целях предупреждения и лечения (коррекции) передозировки опиоидов, и указываются области, требующие дальнейшего исследования.

Психическое здоровье подростков в Европейском регионе

World Health Organization WHO; Regional Office for Europe, (2018)

Fact sheet - Adolescent mental health in the WHO European Region (Russian Version)

The Burden of Mental Disorders in the Region of the Americas

World Health Organization, Pan American Health Organization, (2018)

This report aims to improve the assessment of mental health needs in the Americas by providing an updated and nuanced picture of: (a) the disability resulting from mental, substance use, and specific neurological disorders, plus self-harm, alone and in combination with premature mortality; (b) the imbalance between mental health spending and its related disease burden; and (c) the inadequate allocation of the meager mental health spending by countries of the Region

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