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Practical Guide to Mental Health Problems

Sian Hawkins, Eds.: International Assistance Mission, (2014)

This 88 page book is designed to help primary care workers understand mental health problems and how they can be treated. Mental health problems from childhood to old age are examined. The book focuses primarily on the Afghan culture but is also relevant to a wider community

Countering the stigmatisation and discrimination of people with mental health problems in Europe

McDaid, D., Eds.: ealth and Living Conditions Network of the European Observatory, (2019)

Research Paper, Accessed April 10,2019

Facts and Figures

Centre for Urban Design and Mental Health, (2019)

Accessed April 10, 2019

Psychosocial Care of Tsunami-Affected Populations Physician's Manual

Nimesh Desai, Dhanesh Gupta, Ram Avtar Singh, et al., Eds.: WHO South-East Asia New Delhi, (2005)

Field Action Guide for Psychosocial Assessment of Children and Families in Emergencies

Regional Emergency Psychosocial Support Network & UNICEF EAPRO, (2005)

This field action guide focuses on the first psychosocial assessment to be conducted just after a calamity strikes or just after a major event in an ongoing armed conflict. While it is necessary to update that initial assessment as the emergency situation evolves through the different phases of recovery (briefly outlined in the “phase chart”), this mini book is meant to guide the formation of a team to assess the psychosocial as well as physical needs of children, their families and the communities and then the recommendations the team makes for ensuing support.

Community based psychosocial services in humanitarian assistance. A facilitator's guide

Agni, Kathy; et al., Eds.: Lutherahjalpen/Church of Sweden; Norwegian Church Aid and Presbyterian Disasters Assistance, (2005)

This expansive facilitator's guide deals with psychosocial interventions concerning multiple causes of trauma such as HIV and AIDS and post-conflict situations. The guide offers technical advice to the implementor which is usefully augmented by diagrams, ideas for games and other useful interventions

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