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The World Bank and financing global health

The BMJ, (2019)

The BMJ's collection on "The World Bank and financing global health" is a series of articles providing an overview of the bank’s evolving role in international health. Accessed 22nd of May 2019.

Health Financing Publications

Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), (2019)

Accessed 22nd March 2019.

Greater than the Sum of Its Parts: Blended Finance Roadmap for Global Health

Center for Innovation and Impact (CII), USAID, (2019)

In an environment of stagnant donor funding and increasing private sector investment in low- and middle-income countries, actors in both the public and private sectors are increasingly interested in using blended finance approaches to catalyze new funding for global health and achieve health outcomes. As USAID moves towards greater engagement with the private sector, blended finance will be an important component to help achieve development objectives. Accessed 19th May 2019.

New Perspectives on Global Health Spending for Universal Health Coverag

Xu K., Soucat A., Kutzin J., et al., Eds.: World Health Organization, (2018)

The report summarizes key global health expenditure patterns and trends, and illustrates the potential of the new database to inform thinking about financing reforms to progress towards UHC, and also raises issues for further research. It analyses the following areas:

Linking Private Primary Health Care Networks to Sustainable Domestic Financing: A Practical Guide for Network Managers

Hariharan, N., Ishtiaq, A., Eldridge, C., et al., Eds.: Results for Development (R4D), (2018)

The guide helps network managers and technical experts navigate the steps necessary for gathering, structuring, analyzing and reporting information needed to make strategic plans that improve sustainability and equity.

Developing a National Health Financing Strategy: A Reference Guide

Joseph Kutzin, Sophie Witter, Matthew Jowett et al., Eds.: World Health Organization (WHO), (2017)

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