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Family Planning. Blended Learning Module for the Health Extension Programme

OpenLearn Create, Eds.: UNICEF/AMREF; Ministry of Health, Ethiopia, (2010)

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RISE Rehabilitation Intervention for People with Schizophrenia in Ethiopia. Manual for community-based rehabilitation workers

Laura Asher, Charlotte Hanlon, Julian Eaton, et al., (2017)

This manual is designed to help you: Understand what schizophrenia is and the problems it causes - this is covered in Section A Learn how to help people schizophrenia and their families through CBR - this is covered in Section B Know how you will be supported to deliver CBR - this is covered in Section C Throughout the manual you will follow the experiences of Yosef and Sara, people with schizophrenia, and their families. Yosef and Sara are not real people, but their stories include situations and events that real people with schizophrenia have experienced.

Mental Health: Resources for Community Health Workers

OpenLearn Create, (2019)

The guide is especially appropriate for settings where the provision of medical, diagnostic and support services is sparse or lacking. It covers adult and child mental health problems, as well as childhood developmental disorders. It includes information and guidance on dealing with mental health crises and emergencies and identifying mental health and developmental problems, together with simple intervention strategies, including suggestions for parents and family members to use themselves. It outlines strategies for Community Health Workers to employ in promoting mental health and in raising their community’s awareness of mental health problems Accessed July 4, 2019

Training Videos on Child Mental Health

Federal Ministry of Health of Ethiopia, Eds.: OpenLearn Create, (2013)

A set of 5 training videos on child mental health created by the Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Health. The research team produced five short training videos, modelling an HEW interviewing mothers of children with autism or intellectual disability to demonstrate skills in early detection, supportive counselling and problem solving. The videos are produced in Amharic (the official Ethiopian language) – a version with English transcripts and subtitles is also available. In addition, a ‘Mental Health Guide’ was produced that reinforces the training provided in the associated HEAT module, and extends training in childhood developmental and mental health problems.

National Hygiene and Environmental Health Communication Guideline

Ministry of Health, Ethiopia, (2016)

Advocacy ,Social Mobilization ,Behavior Change Communications

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