Interagency Emergency Health Kit 2015

World Health Organization (WHO), (2015)

WHO's Interagency Emergency Health Kit 2015 (IEHK) is a standardized kit of essential medicines, supplies and equipment deployed by UN agencies and other partners who respond to large-scale emergencies. This prepacked kit is designed for use where there is a disruption of medical supplies in an emergency setting as a way to fill the gap until the medical supply mechanisms are restored. One kit is designed to meet the basic health needs of 10 000 people for approximately 3 months. The contents are standardized based on WHO’s Essential Medicines List, and are designed to be affordable and easily available. The content list is available for download under: The basic module can be used by primary health workers with limited health training. It contains oral and topical medicines, none of which are injectable. The supplementary module adds medicines and supplies that can only be used by trained health workers or physicians. It is designed to be used together with the basic module, primarily in health facilities. Modules for malaria and for post-exposure prophylaxis to prevent HIV infection can be added, depending on the health needs of the affected population. The IEHK is not designed for long-term use and does not contain medicines for managing diseases like HIV/AIDS, TB or leprosy. Nor is it suited for immunization, treating malnutrition or providing comprehensive reproductive health services. As the kit is a stop-gap measure, the kit does not replace the overall medical supply system of the country.

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