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The Democratic Republic of Congo Regional Refugee Response Plan (RRRP) January 2019 - December 2020

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), (2018)

Looking forward, the 2019-2020 Regional Refugee Response Plan (RRRP) for the DRC situation aims at addressing the needs of new arrivals of Congolese refugees in the region, and those in protracted situations. By supporting livelihoods opportunities and through a resilience-based approach, refugees will be able to contribute to the development of their host countries, and of their country of origin upon their return. Given the limited capacity of host communities to support the impact of massive numbers of refugees, the response strategy will also address the needs of local populations, strengthening peaceful co-existence and building social cohesion.

HIV Country Profile: 2017 - Democratic Republic of the Congo

World Health Organization (WHO), (2017)

HIV Country Intelligence - HIV Country Profiles

RD Congo - Nord-Kivu : Note d’informations humanitaires du 05/12/2018

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, (2018)

Faits saillants - Distribution des vivres pour environ 30 000 personnes dans le Territoire de Walikale • Reprise des activités scolaires dans l’ensemble du Territoire de Beni

Democratic Republic of Congo: Ebola Virus Disease - External Situation Report 17, 28 November 2018

World Health Organization WHO, (2018)

As of 26 November 2018, a total of 421 EVD cases, including 374 confirmed and 47 probable cases (T able 1) have been reported from 14 health zones in the two neighbouring provinces of North Kivu and Ituri (Figure 2). Kalunguta, Beni, Butembo and Katwa remain the principle hots pots of the outbreak. Of the 421cases, 241 have died, including 194 among confirmed cases (case fatality ratio 52%). Females ccount for 60% of all confirmed and probable cases. A total of 41 health workers have been infected to date, including 12 deaths. A total of 74 new suspected cases were reported on 26 November 2018 from the affected health zones, and are being investigated. A total of 125 patients have been cured since the beginning of the outbreak and have been reintegrated into their communities.

Rapport narrative de la campagne de sensibilisation d'offre gratuite des service intégres de dépistage au VIH, planification familiale et de distribution des préservatifs

Progamme National Mulitsectoral de la Lutte contre le SDIA, DR Congo, Eds.: UNFPA, (2018)

Aupres des jeunes, adolescents et la population dans les ZS de Kanzahla et de Tshikapa du 12 au 17/9/2018

Rapport Annuel du PNLS 2017 (DR Congo)

Programme national de lutte contre le VIH /SIDA et IST (PNLS), Ministère de la Santé, DR Congo, (2018)

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