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International Federation of Red Cross And Red Crescent Societies (2015) 

Cameroon, with a population of 21,700,000 (UNCDP 2014) shares a border with Nigeria, which has been affected by the EVD, and therefore the risks presented by the epidemic to the country are high. As such, the Government of Cameroon closed all land, air and sea borders with EVD affected countries, as a prevention measure against the spread of the virus. In addition, the Ministry of Public Health in collaboration with the Cameroon Red Cross Society (CRC) and World Health Organization (WHO) developed an EVD contingency plan to prevent and prepare for the occurrence of the virus within Cameroon. Over the past decade, the CRC has carried out DREF and Emergency Appeal operations in response to a range of epidemics (cholera, measles, polio and yellow fever), and in addition to experience in social mobilization, advocacy, disinfection and in some cases in the management of dead bodies, was well placed to support the MoPH with the implementation of this plan.