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Disability-inclusive social protection research in Vietnam

Banks, Lena M., Walsham, Matthew and others, Eds.: International Centre for Evidence in Disability, (2018)

A national overview with a case study from Cam Le district
The overall aims of this study are (1) to assess the extent to which social protection systems in Vietnam address the needs of people with disabilities; and (2) to identify and document elements of good practice, as well as challenges, in the design and delivery of social protection for people with disabilities. As most social protection programmes in Vietnam are targeted to various vulnerable groups (e.g. orphans, widows, single parents), the research mainly focuses on disability-specific schemes, as they are relevant to a higher proportion of people with disabilities.

Disability Inclusive Development Toolkit

Al Ju’beh K, Eds.: Christoffel Blinden Mission (CBM), (2015)

This toolkit is designed as a resource for CBM that can be used in a variety of ways: to support staff induction, team meetings, refresher days and training workshops. It can also be used as a tool for personal reflection and self-study. Tips for those intending to use it as a training resource are shaded differently.

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