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UNICEF Cholera Toolkit

UNICEF , (2017)

Large size: 27 MB. Download directly from the website:

Cholera: Revised cholera kits and calculation tool

World Health Organization (WHO), (2018)

In 2016 WHO introduced the Cholera Kits. These kits replace the Interagency Diarrhoeal Disease Kit (IDDK) which had been used for many years. The Cholera Kit is designed to be flexible and adaptable for preparedness and outbreak response in different contexts. The overall Cholera Kit is made up of an Investigation Kit, Laboratory materials, 3 Treatment Kits (community, periphery and central) and a Hardware Kit. The Treatment and Hardware Kits are each composed of individual modules. Each of the kits and modules can be ordered independently based on field need. To support orders, a Cholera Kit Calculation Tool was developed. The information note, packing lists and the Kit Calculation Tool are all available from the WHO website at:

Toma y envio de muestras de heces para estudios diagnosticos de V. cholerae

Organización Mundial de la Salud OMS, (2010)

Procedimientos para la identificación de Vibrio cholerae en el laboratorio de microbiología

UNICEF Guide pratique de lutte contre le choléra

UNICEF, (2016)

Please download directly form the website. Large File 29 MB!

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