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Атлас по диагностике внутригрудного туберкулеза у детей

Джи Р., Eds.: WHO, Международный Союз по борьбе с туберкулезом и болезнями легких, (2006)

"Атлас по диагностике внутригрудного туберкулеза у детей" под ред., Джи Р., содержит рентгенологические примеры внутригрудного туберкулеза в детском возрасте. Описаны методы ранней диагностики патологии, выявлению в ранние сроки "по контакту". Для студентов-медиков, педиатров, фтизиатров, других практикующих врачей.

European Union Standards for Tuberculosis Care 2017 Update

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control ECDC, (2018)

The update of the ESTC was conducted as a joint endeavour with ERS, consulting experts from international societies and organisations, national TB programmes, civil society and affected communities. The second edition of the ESTC includes 21 standards in the areas of diagnosis, treatment, HIV and co-morbidities and public health and prevention. The ESTC is a user-friendly guide for clinicians and public health workers to help them achieve optimal diagnosis, treatment and prevention of TB Available in 25 languages:

Compendium of WHO guidelines and associated standards: ensuring optimum delivery of the cascade of care for patients with tuberculosis

World Health Organization WHO, (2018)

2nd edition. T The Compendium has been developed as a clear and concise instrument to facilitate the understanding and planning of delivery of high-quality care for everybody affected by TB. It incorporates all recent policy guidance from WHO; follows the care pathway of persons with signs or symptoms of TB in seeking diagnosis, treatment and care; and includes key algorithms and cross-cutting elements that are essential to a patient-centered approach in the cascade of TB care. The Compendium is structured into 33 WHO standards and consolidates all current WHO TB policy recommendations into a single resource, with electronic links to the individual, comprehensive WHO policy guidelines

Let's talk TB: a free, online book for primary care providers

Madhukar Pai, Eds.: GP clinics, (2018)

The third edition, released in 2018, has grown to include a total of 18 chapters, contributed by 20 experts and authors from many countries. The goal remains the same: to educate primary care providers on the best practices in TB diagnosis, treatment and follow-up. All articles are richly illustrated, and most include quizzes and CME questions for self learning. The 3rd edition includes new chapters on MDR-TB, adverse effects of TB drugs, adherence monitoring strategies, and nutritional support. There is also content on how to manage children with TB, care for patients co-infected with TB and HIV, how to read and interpret chest x-rays, and how to avoid common pitfalls in TB management. To download book chapters or the whole book go to the website:

Early detection of TB among the most-at-risk populations. Training manual (Russian version)

O. Sidorenko, O. Leonenko-Brodetskaja, I. Zharuk, et al., Eds.: Alliance for Public Health, (2014)

Раннее выявление туберкулеза среди представителейгрупп риска Пособие по проведению тренинга

Finding, diagnosing and curing TB patients in central asia

KNCV, (2017)

KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation - Your partner in the fight against TB Accessed November 2017

Considerations for adoption and use of multidisease testing devices in integrated laboratory networks

World Health Organization, (2017)

Information note.
This information note provides a strategic overview of key implementation considerations for diagnostic integration using these devices, and is primarily intended for use by national laboratory services and TB, HIV, and hepatitis programme managers.
It may also be of interest to managers of maternal, newborn and child health programmes and sexual and reproductive health programmes, international and bilateral agencies, and organizations that provide financial and technical support to the relevant national health programmes.

Improving Tuberculosis Case Detection

Stop TB Partnership to reach; Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada, (2017)

A compendium of TB REACH case studies, lessons learned and a monitoring and evaluation framework. Accessed November 2017.

Systematic screening for active tuberculosis: an operational guide

World Health Organization, (2015)

Systematic screening for active tuberculosis: an operational guide.

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