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Uganda Demographic and Health Survey 2006

Uganda Bureau of Statistics Entebbe, Uganda; Macro International; et al., (2007)

Preliminary Key Findings 2013-2014 Zambia Demographic and Healt Survey. Slides

Slideshare, (2014)

These are the preliminary results of the Zambia Demographic Health Survey 2014. They were presented at a press conference in Lusaka in Sep-14. Please download the slides directly from the website:

Zambia Demographic and Health Survey 2013-14 Preliminary Report

Central Statistical Office Lusaka; Ministry of Health Zambia; Tropical Diseases Research Centre, Zambia, DHS; et al., (2014)

Role of health systems in improving childhood nutrition in India

R..R. Ved; A. Jain , Eds.: Public Health Foundation India, (2011)

This paper focuses on the role of health systems in improving child nutrition and also acknowledges that need to adequately address key determinants, improve governance and enhance civil society action for accountability in order to make progress towards improving child nutrition

Developing intervention strategies to improve community health worker motivation and performance

Frank, Ti.; Kallander, K., Eds.: Malaria Consortium, (2012)

This learning paper describes Malaria Consortium’s experience with Integrated Community Case Management (ICCM) in malaria prevention and treatment in Mozambique and Uganda. ICCM is an approach where community-based health workers are trained to identify, treat, and refer complex cases malaria (and other diseases) in children

"Out of the shadows" : a qualitative study of parents’ and professionals’ attitudes and beliefs about children with communication disability in Uganda and how best to help them

McGeown, J., Eds.: Centre for International Health and Development, (2012)

Dissertation submitted in part fulfilment of the requirements for a Masters degree at the Centre for International Health and Development (CIHD) at University College London (UCL) Institute of Child Health (ICH) The user has given permission for the uploaded document to be reproduced and made publicly available on the source website

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