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Mobilisons-nous contre l'Ebola (Information de Campagne)

Ministere de la Santé et de la Lutte Contre le SIDA, (2014)

Campagne prevention Ebola en Côte d'Ivoire Source:

Uganda: The second national health policy 2010

Ministry of Health, Uganda, (2010)

Promoting People's Health to Enhance Social-economic Development

Haiti: Recovery Shelter Programme Review

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), (2012)

A Review of the IFRC (International Federation of Red Cross and Red Cresent Societies) Secretariat Recovery Shelter Programme in Haiti 2010-2011

Guidelines on Safer Conception in Fertile HIV-Infected Individuals and Couples

L-G Bekker, V Black, L Myer, et al., Eds.: Dept. of Health, South Africa, (2011)

The Southern African Journal of Medicine June 2011 p. 31-44

Post-Exposure Prophylaxis South Africa

Dept. of Health, Republic of South Africa, (2008)

The South African Journal of Medicine 2008

Chronic Medical Conditions

Bleyen Sjurugwi, L., et al., Eds.: Ministry of Health, Zimbabwe; ZEDAP, (1987)

The module aims to provide the minimum necessary knowledge for a nurse at a primary care unit. This material may also be used for the training of other workers.

Keeping community health workers in Uganda motivated: key challenges, facilitators, and preferred program inputs

Aurélie Bruniea, Patricia Wamala-Mucheri, Conrad Otterness, et al., (2014)

Glob Health Sci Pract February 1, 2014 vol. 2 no. 1 p. 103-116

Community Empowerment in Health Uganda

Edward O'Neil Jr, Eds.: The Brookings Institution’s International Volunteering and Service Initiative , (2009)

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