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NEW Sustaining Effective Coverage for HIV, Tuberculosis, and Malaria in the Context of Transition in Kenya

Chaitkin, Michael; O’Connell, Meghan, Eds.: Results for Development (R4D), (2017)

The report explores strategies for sustaining the country’s responses to the three diseases and eventually transitioning away from external funding and programmatic support. It takes stock of Kenya’s health financing landscape and identifies opportunities and challenges for sustaining effective coverage of HIV, TB, and malaria services in the long run, mindful of macro-fiscal and institutional constraints. The report informs ongoing dialogue within government, including among the Ministry of Health, National Treasury, Council of Governors, and National AIDS Control Council, as well as between government and development partners.

NEW National Strategic Plan for HIV/AIDS and STI 2017 – 2024: “Paving Way for an AIDS Free India”

Government of India, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO), (2017)

The National Strategic Plan for HIV/AIDS and STIs 2017-2024 spells out the objectives and targets that we have jointly committed to achieve. The plan describes the strategies and activities that will need to be implemented on the ground across India's 36 States and Union Territories with the help of AIDS Control Societies, District AIDS Prevention and Control Units, Regional Institutes, communities, development partners and the private sector. We must urgently scale up our efforts to avert new HIV infections and provide care and treatment to people living with HIV to materialise our commitment of ending AIDS in India by 2030.

NEW Lesotho Nursing and Midwifery Primary Health Care Clinical Placement Final Report

Stender, Stacie; Phafoli, Semakaleng et al. , (2014)

The overall aim of the study was to understand the acceptability and usefulness of PHC clinical placements for nursing and midwifery students.

NEW Rapport annuel 2017 [Cameroun]

Organisation mondiale de la Santé (OMS), Cameroun, (2018)

Ce rapport annuel passe en revue les réalisations de chaque programme du bureau de l’OMS au Cameroun. Les différents domaines sont : les maladies transmissibles, les maladies non transmissibles, la promotion de la santé à toutes les étapes de la vie, le système de santé, les services institutionnels et fonctions d’appui, l’éradication de la poliomyélite, et la gestion des urgences sanitaires.

NEW Health Bulletin 2017 (Bangladesh)

Republic of Bangladesh, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, (2018)

NEW National Strategic Plan on HIV and AIDS Myanmar 2016-2020

Myanmar, Ministry of Health and Sports, (2017)

The Republic of the Union of Myanmar’s National Strategic Plan on HIV/AIDS 2016–2020 is the strategic guide for the country’s response to HIV at national, state/regional and local levels. The framework describes the current dynamics of the HIV epidemic and articulates a strategy to optimize investments through a fast track approach with the vision of ending HIV as a public health threat by 2030. Myanmar’s third National Strategic Plan (HIV NSP III) issues a call to all partners to front-load investments to close the testing gap and reach the 90–90–90 prevention and treatment targets to protect health for all.

NEW Save One Million Lives Program for Results

Nigeria, Federal Ministry of Health, (2016)

Program Implementation Manual (PIM)
The Save One Million Lives Program for Results (SOML PforR) is a Federal Government of Nigeria maternal and child health program, supported by the World Bank, which provides incentives based on achievement of results (health outcomes) and helps to drive institutional processes needed to achieve these results. This Program Implementation Manual provides a description of the program and operational guidelines for effective implementation. The Manual contains guidelines and procedures relating to disbursements and fund flows, institutional arrangements, financial management as well as monitoring and evaluation, while providing clear definition of the roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders.

NEW Index de stigmatisation et de discrimination envers les personnes vivant avec le VIH au Congo: Rapport d’enquête, Décembre 2015

Réseau National des Associations des Positifs du Congo (RENAPC), (2015)

The survey was conducted in early 2015. Respondents were 347 people living with HIV in seven (7) towns/districts of five (5) departments of the Republic of the Congo.

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