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WHO Interim Guidance for Ebola Virus Disease: Exit Screening at Airports, Ports and Land Crossings

World Health Organization WHO, (2014)

This document provides information to assist countries in developing exit screening plans and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). This includes the method, tools, and sequence of screening; determining resource needs; communication messages; and the legal considerations of screening.

Guidelines for Medicine Donations

World Health Organization, (2011)

This 3rd edition of Guidelines for medicine donations has been developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) in cooperation with major international agencies active in humanitarian relief and development assistance. The guidelines are intended to improve the quality of medicine donations in international development assistance and emergency aid. Good medicine donation practice is of interest to both donors and recipients...

Answers to common questions about the Ebola prevention marklate study.

Ministry of Health & Sanitation, Sierra Leone, (2015)

Sierra Leone Trial to Introduce a Vaccine against Ebola (STRIVE)

Local Engagement in Ebola Outbreaks and Beyond in Sierra Leone

Oosterhoff, P. and Wilkinson, A, (2015)

Practice paper in Brief 24 Containment strategies for Ebola rupture fundamental features of social, political and religious life. Control efforts that involve local people and appreciate their perspectives, social structures and institutions are therefore vital

Impact and implications of the Ebola crisis

Rohwerder, B., Eds.: Governance and Social Development Resource Centre, (2014)

What are the political, economic, social and security implications of the Ebola crisis, with a particular focus on Sierra Leone?

Ebola- local beliefs and behaviour change

Grant, C., Eds.: HEART, (2014)

What are the local beliefs and practices around illnesses and death, the transmission of disease and spirituality, which affect decision-making (around health-seeking behaviour, caring for relatives and nature of burials) and can inform effective behaviour change interventions for preventing Ebola in Sierra Leone?

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