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Primary Care 101

Dept. of Health, Republic of South Africa, (2013)

Symptom-based integrated approach to the adult in primary care. Primary Care 101 is a comprehensive clinical practice guideline that aims to equip nurses and other clinicians to diagnose and manage common adult conditions at primary level. Tb; HIV; Asthma/COPD; cardiovascular disease; diabetes; Mental health conditions; Epilepsy; Musculoskeletal disorders; Women’s health

Where There Is No Doctor. New Chapters

Hesperian Foundation, (2016)

Advance chapters from the new edition

Primary Health-Care Services

International Committee of the Red Cross, Eds.: International Committee of the Red Cross, (2006)

Community Health Workers in Sub Saharan Africa

Hannah Faal, Rènée du Toit, Henrietta Monye, Ronnie Graham, Eds.: IAPB Africa, (2016)

A booklet on how CHWs were addressing eye health across Africa based on desk research and a survey in 23 countries

Package of Essential Noncommunicable (PEN) disease interventions for primary health care in low-resource settings

World Health Organization WHO, (2013)

Effective implementation of WHO PEN, combined with other very cost effective population-wide interventions, will help even resource constrained settings to attain the global voluntary targets related to reduction of premature mortality and preventionof heart attacks and strokes.

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