Community-Based Rehabilitation for Children with Intellectual Disability: Experiences from Endosulfan Affected Areas in India

Augustine, A., Eds.: Disability, CBR & Inclusive Development Journal (DCIDJ), (2016)

This article describes a Community-Based Participatory Approach (CBPA) for children with intellectual disability in Endosulfan affected areas of Kasaragod district in Kerala state of India. The CBPA strategy evolved from Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) and was led by Local Self-Government (LSG) members. It involves a four-pronged approach encompassing family, community, service centres and LSG, with a focus on income generation activities and creation of employment opportunities. The CBPA model considers the cultural uniqueness and limited resources in areas where the unscientific and extensive use of pesticides has led to high prevalence of multiple deformities including intellectual disabilities.

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